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After our family visitors left, we had a week of holiday break with no real plans. Mr. Serious was even home from work which is pretty rare. So, it was a week with all of us home.

Of course, we managed to stay busy with games, activities, a meal out, bike rides and walks. And somehow, we are all still tired!

One day we had a late lunch at an all you can eat sushi restaurant. We pretty much made it lunch and dinner. 

sushi with the fam

That’s a lot of sushi if you were curious.

sushi with the fam

And yes, they all eat it, even raw! Also, seeing this, I should have set the camera on the counter and used the timer. My arms aren’t getting any longer. 

sushi with the fam

B is quite the bike rider. This year she learned to ride a bike with just two wheels and wants to hop on it every chance she gets. Mr. Serious and I got bikes for Christas, so she jumped on the chance to ride her bike with us. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of great places to ride a bike nearby. Our neighborhood is relatively small. And the roads going into it are narrow and have a 45mph speed limit. 

I know we should ride our bikes in the street, but I’m not a fan on young kids doing it, so we biked on the sidewalk up to the elementary school and then played on the playground. 

bike rides with B

There were also a lot of games: Chess, Monopoly Deal, Pokemon, Clue and Just Dance were just a couple of the games that we played. Mr. Serious and I also got in our normal workouts which helped us with our happy endorphins. 

game playing

If you haven’t played Just Dance on your gaming system, I recommend it. The kids have a great time playing it and Mr. Serious and I jump in, too. It’s actually quite a good workout when you get into the songs and really do the moves. We get to be our best Elsa when we play!

just dance 2020

Here’s to a new week and new year (and arguably a new decade) of getting in the picture. 

What did you do this week?

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