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We’ve completed week 2 of distance learning and social distancing. We’ve been holding tight at home and only gone to CVS for an RX and church for a kid activity packet car pickup style. 

There’s been a lot of us together-ing and trying to figure it all out. 

We did some walking everyday, some biking, some neighborhood chalking and searching for bears in windows. 

Saturday night, we caught DJ Mel’s live Facebook dance party and joined in. 

Turns out it’s pretty hard to use the timer on the front camera to get a good picture. But, we are pretty good dancers. 

dance party mommy and me monday

And, if you have your photos set to lives, you can use a GIF (said like the g in graphics here) app to make your fun moves into one. 

living room dance party mommy and me monday

Saturday night after getting the kids to bed, through a perfectly coordinated act of B lifting her head up for something and me going in for a bedtime kiss, she head-butted me super hard. So hard in fact, that I’m certain I felt my brain hit the side of my head. I also had an instant headache. It hasn’t gone away since then with ibuprofen or acetaminophen, so that’s been not so fun. 

I’m trying to treat it as a mild concussion with limiting screen time and resting and hoping it feels better soon. 

On to week 3, which feels very similar to weeks 1 and 2 except the kids are better about getting their school work done, most of them before 10 am!

If you haven’t checked out the Houseparty app, that’s a fun one, too. We’ve enjoyed playing socially distant games in it with friends and family. 

How is your quarantine life, distance learning and social distancing going?


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  1. Dance party idea sounds so much fun.

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