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One good thing to come out of this pandemic is the girls and I have found more places to explore that are within a few miles of our house. Despite living here for 17 years and in our current home for 13, we haven’t been to several local parks, paths, trails and hikes.

another mommy and me monday hike

(Before you worry, these are all open for people now and we keep at least 6 feet from people when we see them.)

One of the park is the same park where cross country runs have happened, but we’ve also gone as a whole family as well as with the girls and me. 

It’s nice because there’s a big open grassy area where the path is mowed as well as some covered areas, too. The shade is a nice treat.

One thing that stinks is the maps are terrible. They don’t show you where you are and there aren’t good signs to show direction within the trails.

At several forks in the path, a sign points both left and right and says “3 mile trail.” And then another points a third direction and says “hiking path.” I’ve yet to figure out what this means and how to make sense of it. How can I go two different directions and still be on the same path? And if it makes a loop, how do I know where in the 3 miles I am within this loop that has another set of signs doing the exact same thing?

This most recent time, we discovered a tree that we all thought should be on the Savannah and in The Lion King. You can’t see it here, but it has very long, horizontal branches and is such a beautiful tree. It seems out of place. 

This was also the first time we noticed several different bee container setups. Those bees were busy (you can see the box in the background). This was one of two and the smaller of them. There were signs saying bees at work and a fence to keep people out. The park also has a lot of different bird houses and lookout spots. 

a tree that looks like it belongs in the lion king

Look how big the tree trunk is… this is an old tree. There’s even a branch so close to the ground that there has been a board put under it to support it and keep it off the ground. 

down by a tree

Thankfully, we’ve done it a few times now and sort of know where we are going. Although, I don’t think we’ve taken the same path a single time, we always manage to find our way back to the car. 


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  1. It’s nice to be a tourist at home sometimes. I love to explore hidden gems around home.

  2. Hiking is how my family is enjoying time together this summer. It’s always exciting to try a new trail.

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