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The girls’ schools ended up doing virtual days the last two days of school. And they were pretty truncated, so we it was time to come up with some activities and crafts to keep us all busy. Give a kid a juice box, some construction paper, hole punches, tape, glue and scissors and they are off. They made both Christmas tree and Santa hat juice box crafts. 

christmas tree and santa hat crafts

This post is sponsored by Juice Juice. 

Thankfully, we had everything we needed to get started. E started cutting out her triangles after we made sure we knew the right size to fit on our boxes. Green triangles made the Christmas trees and the red triangles were perfect for Santa’s hat. B used a small hole punch to cut out various colors of paper for lights on the trees.

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christmas tree cutout for juice box

We also used a bigger punch for the white circles for the top of the Santa hats as well as the fluffy ring around the rim.

christmas decorations on juice box

Wince the Juicy Juice had a perfectly placed “splash” we decided to work with that for our Christmas tree star. Of course, you could always wrap the juice boxes in a solid colored paper first, but this is their project. I’m just here to document things.

christmas tree cutout on juice box

Once things were cut out, it was time to glue and tape. Asking me why glue and tape? That’s what these crazy kids wanted to use. One was partial to gluing and one was partial to taping. 

I’m not here to rock the boat on something like this. Let them guide you. 

santa hat decoration for juice box

Make Santa’s hat before or after gluing the triangle on the box. It’s totally your choice. If it were me, I’d go straight on the box to avoid accidentally gluing things on the table!

santa hat band for juice box

Mid-construction, feel free to switch to tape. We are flexible here. 

finished santa hat on juice box

When you are all done, you examine your handy work and have a Juice Juice to drink, too. 

mommy and me monday christmas juice boxes

And feeling extra silly, you get in a kiss and your photographer (aka the 14 year old, keeps on snapping)!

christmas juice box and kisses

b with santa hat and christmas tree juice box

What did you do this week?

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