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Happy 7th birthday, B! None of us can believe you’ve been here for 7 years! It seems like just yesterday we were telling people you were growing inside me. 

You were pretty happy with your cake with that missing two front teeth smile…in your rainbows and unicorns dress and unicorn sequin-flipping sweater. 

B with 7th birthday cake

And here we are 7 years later and you are a growing person that talks, is a little sassy, loves sarcasm (I’m not sure where you get that) and loves to laugh and make people laugh. 

Oh…and rainbows and unicorns! You’ve been planning your cake with your sister again this year for months. Yes, it’s all about rainbows and unicorns. Also, it had an explosion of skittles in the middle, too. We have to taste the rainbow around here as well. 

Chocolate cake with buttercream icing, topped with chocolate ganache and homemade rainbow marshmallows. And don’t forget the sprinkle unicorn on the front. Yes, N spoils you with her completely homemade creations. 

B's 7th birthday cake

And, Grammi sent unicorn plates…perfect for eating unicorn cake. 

We are getting pretty good at that window + iphone timer family picture!

Family birthday cake picture

Since it was all of us…and we’ve been around each other non-stop, we went for blowing out the candles. I hope you made a good wish. 

Happy 7th birthday B with candles and cake

And every year, whether you like it or not, we return to the downstairs bathroom for a picture together where you were born and where we had our first picture together. This year we embraced the jammies and robes. 

Happy 7th birthday B

I mean, compared to our very first picture together…. Unplanned, unassisted home birth (aka your birthday).

Bs very first picture

Somehow, I never managed to pull all of your birthday pictures and posts together…and image that I missed a couple, too. 

1 month
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5-ish months
6 months
7 months
8-9 months
10 months

Here’s a compilation of our annual pictures and the posts I did write:

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5th birthday and birthday at school posts.

6th birthday.

Happy 6th birthday B

Happy birthday to my sweetest little cheekiest monkey! We love you!

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