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The first day of the ’23-’24 school year was here in a flash. I think we were all ready!

first day of school all 4 girls mommy and me monday

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With new siding and a fresh coat of paint, I dislike that I can’t compare their heights but counting the number of rows of siding. But, I guess the fact that the oldest three are almost the same height tells me they are getting taller.

Mr. Serious captured this behind the scenes gem. E is wondering what she’s doing…but sometimes, you just have to capture life, the good, the funny and the silly..

first day behind the scenes mommy and me monday

And, we had to get one family shot before Mr. Serious and I took off to walk B to school. The oldest two were off next in a car (ahhhhh) and then E took the bus.

family first day of school ready

It was a fast day and a fast week! So much so that we celebrated Mr. Serious’ birthday spread out over the weekend because of everything we had going on.

On his birthday? Help ready the field for the time trial. And present opening.

On Saturday: Early rising for the kids time trial race and then end of summer running parties and the oldest went to work. Mr. Serious and B went to see a movie.

On Sunday: Family breakfast out. None of us remember the last time we did this. It was fun and tasty. Then we ended the day with a homemade cake from N!

happy birthday mr serious mommy and me monday

It’s already week two and the homework, life and practices are in full swing!

What did you do this week?

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