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Another October flew by with me putting “pumpkin patch” on the calendar every weekend. And then, it didn’t happen.

Once again, races, social schedules, work schedules and sickness kept getting in the way. So, Halloween night before getting into costumes, we set up the tripod, grabbed a pumpkin and snapped a couple pictures.

So, I’m calling it the 18th annual “pumpkin patch” picture and we are just going to run with it. Again!

2023 pumpkin patch picture mommy and me monday

Please keep reading past this memory lane list (I feel like I have to put it for consistency), but I promise the pictures are worth it if you keep scrolling.

Early, early Saturday morning, the oldest two had their state race. We knew the oldest would be running it, but didn’t know that N would be until a few days before (and how freaking awesome that she got to run at state as a freshman!). My sister planned to come into town for the race and as we were talking, she asked if I could make some shirts for us to wear.


But, we didn’t tell our little runners.

They rode the bus and when we arrived to their tent and got their attention, we did a little countdown to reveal our shirts (it was SOOO cold).

This was their reaction.

surprising the girls with shirts

And here is their cheering section complete with our matching shirts.

2023 state cheering section

They were definitely surprised and had a good laugh!

After the race, we got a group shot with them, and their “fatheads” and their regular heads with all of their faces on our shirts, too. 7 of each of them in one picture might be a record.

all of the faces mommy and me monday

And, one with the 6 of us. This might be our Christmas card picture!! How could it not be? (If I even do one!)

post-state race

It was a great ending to cross country season. Now, a little rest before they are back in the game and planning for track season.

What did you do this week?

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