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Happy New Year! And then life is like, cool, cool, now let’s get this thing on the road.

I got home from yoga and saw the oldest had a flat tire. And not just low, but almost sitting on the rim. And she had to go to work and I had practice to coach. So, it needed handling.

Before going through changing it, we thought we might be able to air it up enough to take it to the tire repair shop. (It went from not flat to completely flat in like 30 minutes).

After trying for a while and the compressor stopping at 17psi, it was time to get out the spare and change it.

We only had two people drive by (we were outside the house) and offer help. Nope, we got this.

And actually, I had her do it because, well, it’s her car and this is a good place to have to do it.

Spare donut installed.

Then it was off to two tire shops, leaving the car at one and taking her to work. Then getting a ride to go pick the car up later. But, it got done!

Then, this weekend, Mr. Serious and the oldest both did their first half marathon. She got first in her age group for women, and he got, a well respected finish!

After the race, they got cleaned up and came home where there was a lot of couching and chilling. Turns out my lap is still kind of useful for these kiddos!

What did you do this week?

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