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Somehow, it’s already Monday again, and we’ve “lost” an hour of sleep. Arizona is looking more and more appealing!

Monday was busier than a traditional Monday because it was a virtual learning day, so there were a lot of appointments, work shifts and tasks. And of course, runs still needed to happen.

E’s running buddy wasn’t feeling well, so after already doing 2 other (non-running) workouts, I joined her for her run. Thankfully, she’s willing to still run my pace!

post-run together during the week with e mommy and me monday

I managed to drop my phone from my flip belt (I think really, it never made it all the way in), but it lived to see another day and take more pictures.

Later in the week, we all hurried from practice to catch B’s last chorus performance of the year and last performance with her retiring chorus teacher. All of the previous students were invited to send a video (oh yes, we did) and attend in VIP seating.

It was pretty cool to have all of our girls there to hug on their chorus teacher and wish her well in her retirement. It’s been a great program for all of them and the new teacher will have big shoes to fill.

While we waited in line to get a picture with the teacher, we grabbed a picture together while waiting.

chorus teacher retirement concert mommy and me monday

Saturday, shockingly, I know, there were more races. The oldest two went one direction with Mr. Serious and B, and E and I went in another direction.

E had amazing PRs for both her 1600m and 800m races. Because of a planned weather delay for the high school race, B and I hopped in the car and made our way to the high school race to catch a very fun to watch 3200m by the oldest where she also got a PR, a medal and points for her team!

We missed N’s race because it was early in the morning, but she had a PR during her 4x800m relay and also earned a point for her team.

E and I were happy to sit for a minute before catching the race.

from one race to another mommy and me monday

This weekend brings another divide and conquer, but I think after that, we’ll be able to watch races as a family and cheer extra loud!

What did you do this week?

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