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I had another trip around the sun celebration this week. Naturally, there were a few trips to some tracks, some races to be watched and some weekend runs to be had.

When your kiddos are competing at the region race, you pull out the old state faces shirts and wear them to cheer.

spectators waiting for region race mommy and me monday

They sure do love it when we wear them, and so do their teammates, coaches and other parents.

Because of all of the races and work schedule, I didn’t have some cake until Sunday afternoon. I requested German Chocolate cake which isn’t anything pretty to look at, but it sure tastes darn good.

late birthday celebration

Later Sunday, we headed downtown to see the Six the Musical. With a 6:30 showtime, we opted for an early dinner reservation at a new to us restaurant. It was yummy, but kind of pricey. Special occasions, am I right?

fancy dinner out before six mommy and me monday

Then, we walked over to The Fox to see Six. And stopped to grab an ussie. I didn’t notice a billboard with the Six sign, or I would have taken a picture there.

the fam at the fox mommy and me monday

I bought the tickets months ago when Mr. Serious was out of town and told him that we were going for my birthday. He was a good sport going into it, but once he got there, and it started, he realized how good the show was and is!

with mr serious waiting for six to start mommy and me monday

We all really enjoyed it. It was constant, non-stop dancing and music for the entire 80 minutes. With no intermission, it really made it quick to get in and out of the Fox!

Let’s see if I can get two weeks of Mommy and Me Monday with non-running pictures!

What did you do this week?

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