Mommy, what?


I’ve been pumping after some feedings and when Ms. #2 doesn’t want to eat on both sides. The noise sort of weirds #1 out. And, she’s a little curious, too.

So, I told her that Mommy was going to pump. She saw the parts in my hand and said “mommy humps.”

“What? No, mommy pumps.”

“Mommy humps.”

That’s not going to go over so well.

Now, every time she sees the parts or hears the pump, she says “Mommy humps.”

Let’s hope she doesn’t say this one at church or school. They might get a little curious!

At least she isn’t mooing at me!

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  1. So funny, I love it! BG always says, “It hurts” or “You ump” whenever I am pumping. Kills me. Or she refers to my boobs as owies!

  2. That is so funny! My kids are just fascinated with my hump, I mean pump. I always just sit there coming up with the phrases that my pump is saying. Do you know what I am talking about?

  3. Priceless!!!
    Your church friends will start to wonder about you!!!

  4. Haha! Who knew breast feeding made for such funny toddler stories. Love it! You must share if she decides to tell church that “Mommy Humps”

  5. Yup, I am going to hope she doesn’t mention this at church either!

    Too funny!! 🙂

    Time to work on P words!!

  6. Oh my goodness this has got to me the most HILARIOUS thing I have read all day. Love me some Izzy.

  7. Ha! I just wrote a post today about breastfeeding and even referred to cows. How funny!

    Yes. Let’s hope she doesn’t say that at church! 😉

  8. Too cute & so funny!! Poor Izzy doesn't know what she's saying! Let's hope she doesn't go telling everyone you hump!

  9. Isabelle is so funny!

    I would crack up if you posted a post in a few days telling us about who she told that you hump 🙂

  10. Mrs de Miranda says:

    hahaha Isabelle is so cute! It’s so funny how kids interpret what we say and when they dont quite get the word, it totally sounds like something else! Too funny!

  11. NEVER ASSUME that someone will hear it and just “figure it out”….. LOL

  12. Jennifer-Colley says:

    that is so funny! I am sure he enjoys seeing you do it too! lol

  13. LOVE IT! I think it would be great if she said it at school. They would think you and Papa Bear are crazy to be going at it and trying for another baby so soon! Kind of like the looks people gave you at Kanga-Jump-Bounce-Whatever, when you were pretty prego and holding Cassidy! I loved it!

  14. haha! Caroline helps me pump. fun times. she holds one side… i hold the other. i’m glad she says pump instead of hump like Isabelle. too cute.

  15. Too funny!

    My older daughter was fascinated by the whole process. She still sometimes feeds her dolls from her “boobies”.

  16. so now that song is stuck in my head – i don’t know who sings it or really how it goes but it’s something about my lady humps??

    ok maybe that’s not even how it goes?? how sad that i am sooo out of the loop of cool music??

  17. So she is a Fergie Fan, huh? That’s hysterical hon 🙂

  18. Ha Ha Ha….can you hear me laughing? I am cracking up!!!

    Thanks I needed a laugh today.

    Luv ya

  19. Hahaha! Let’s hope that doesn’t slip out anywhere.
    Like Midwest Mommy, Austin was worried that Mia was hurting me while I was nursing or pumping and called my boobs owies.

  20. OMG! that is hilarious! I can just see her telling her friends that Mommy humps! hahahaha too cute!

  21. Ok, I almost wet myself when I read that! hilarious! My Punky wanted to hold the cups up for me while she asked, “Are you going to pump, Mommy?” Don’t miss those days…MoooooOOOOOO!! ;oD

  22. ROFL Oh, that’s a good one. hehe

  23. says:

    That is truly funny!!

  24. Nice one. I really HOE she says that out and about cause you would have a great blog post. Again. LOL!

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