Our accidental home birth | B’s birth story, part 1


B’s arrival was fast. It wasn’t that fast. It was just faster than I ever thought it would be. With a history of longer births, all requiring pitocin (although, now, I don’t think they really did require it) see #1’s Birth StoryN’s Birth Story and E’s Birth Story, I thought B’s birth would be the same.

However, I did things differently this time. With my history of low platelets (every birth they were lower, and once they are under 100K, you can’t get an epidural), I knew I needed a plan that didn’t involve drugs. My sister had taken a hypnobirthing class. She sent me her book and the relaxation CD. I read the book, Mr. Serious read the book and we listened to the CD every night. I read, practiced my relaxation breathing and was confident this would work for us. So much so that I changed practices mid-pregnancy so I knew I’d have the support I needed in my midwife as well.

I snapped this picture on 12/27, one day before my due date (the midwives went by LMP, so you might have seen 12/31 originally, but that was based on sonogram measurements, and they didn’t like that), so back to the due date of 12/28. 

Last belly picture

I didn’t really feel different, but after looking at that picture, I could tell she had dropped… and everybody on IG noticed, too. That day came and went with no action except some Braxton-Hicks contractions. My due date came and I was getting antsy. I was uncomfortable and ready to go, and apparently nesting, too. I got a wild hair that I needed to get this wall done and started working on it. Then we went and ran some errands to complete it. I posted the picture later that evening.

The wall

I messaged a friend to get coffee, and she had to work, so I brought her a drink and hung out at her house. Mr. Serious kept making me take a nap everyday (for which I’m very grateful), but I had to get out of the house. It was nice hanging out and relaxing there. I had a few more BH but nothing too noticeable. I got home around 10, hung out with Mr. Serious and went to bed.

December 29th, 2013

a few minutes before 12:57AM Water broke and woke me up.

12:57AM I called the midwife’s answering service and left a message.

1:02 AM The midwife called back. I let her know my water broke. I was having mild contractions but not timing them. She told me to have a glass or wine or benedryl and go to sleep. If it’s the real deal, I’d wake up. I had a glass of wine, and tried to lay down, but was too uncomfortable. I told Mr. Serious and let him go back to sleep. I figured I would wake him when I needed him because I needed a well-rested partner.

From this time until about 5 I walked around a bit, tried to relax in the bed and got in and out of the tub. I was listening to my Rainbow Relaxation and Birth Affirmations CD on loop. I was practicing my surge/contraction breathing and in between, I was doing my relaxation breathing. I was also texting my sister (who had taken the entire hypnobirthing class to help coach me a bit). I was drinking a ton of water the whole time, had candles lit in the dark bathroom and was trying to be as relaxed as possible. Notice the trend here? Relaxing…letting my body do it’s thing.

4:59 AM I sent a text to my sister that I couldn’t breath my contractions up anymore. They were really hurting. I was also feeling a lot of pressure. I told her I was going to wake up Mr. Serious. My sister said I would be more comfortable in the hospital room with the nurses and midwife there. 

5:00 AM I woke Mr. Serious. I had him help me try to relax some more in the tub. He also made sure I was drinking more water and made me eat a snack.

Things start to get a little more uncomfortable. (Yes, that’s an understatement. Things hurt. I’m not lying). I kept saying out loud “stop fighting it. You have to relax.” I don’t know if it helped or not, but it gave me something to think about. I told Mr. Serious to tell me to stop fighting them, too. I was worried if I was fighting the contractions that they wouldn’t dilate me (like my previous three births). 

All of these times are from our phones. I had no idea of the time that transpired. I had no idea what time it was. I think it’s probably for the best at this point. 

6:38 AM / 6:40 AM Mr. Serious calls / sends a text to our friend T, who is going to watch the older three asking her to come our way.

6:47 AM I called the midwife’s answering service to let them know we were on the way to the hospital. It took me several minutes to be able to convey the message. When they answered, I said “labor” and that’s all I could say.

6:50 AM Mr. Serious gets a hold of our friend T. She’s on her way. She asks if she has time to shower, Mr. Serious says yes. 

6:52 AM The midwife called back. I couldn’t talk to her at that point but did the best I could. The midwife told me to come on in and let me know that “babies that arrive before you make it don’t need our help. If you don’t make it, call me back on this cell number and let me know.” I handed the phone to Mr. Serious and conveyed this message. He said “huh?” I got dressed and I made my way downstairs, which took quite some time as my contractions were pretty much on top of each other.

(probably around 6-6:30 AM) Somewhere in here #1 woke up and went and watched cartoons in our bonus room. #2 also woke up, too and went to watch cartoons with her sister. They came out a couple times, and I was worried they would be scared because mommy was in pain. Surprisingly, it didn’t phase them at all. #1 just wanted to know why I was “breathing into a bag” (because it was under me with the puke feelings).

I made it downstairs only to lean over on the couch. I told Mr. Serious I needed a bag because I was going to puke (thankfully, I didn’t). I said “I CAN’T. I CAN’T. I CAN’T!” a whole bunch at this point. And, a lot of “IT HURTS, IT HURTS, IT HURTS! MAKE IT GO AWAY!” several times, too. 

I had to go pee. Everything hurt a lot. I don’t think I was getting a break between contractions. Our friend T still wasn’t at our house, but Mr. Serious was trying to convince me to get in the car and wait. There was no way on God’s green earth he could have gotten me into the car. While he was telling me to get into the car, I was taking my clothes back off because they were too uncomfortable.

7:23 AM Our friend T calls Mr. Serious’ phone and sends me a text that she’s a couple minutes away. Whoops. (I’m not really sure where this fits in the timeline…before she was born, after? We didn’t see it at this point.)

While I was peeing, I had the urge to push. It was the only thing that really took the pain and discomfort away. So I did. (I think when I started, I thought I was just going to go to the bathroom….um, nope). And, that’s when I felt B’s little head. Mr. Serious remained calm and was like “that’s her head! I see her head” (I really don’t know what he said, something like that). I think at this point, he ran to get a towel from somewhere. I sort of grabbed onto her head and pushed again and more of her little head came out. Then one more push, and there were her shoulders and the rest of her. Followed by a big gush of fluid everywhere.

I don’t even know what I said at this point. Mr. Serious was like “amazing.” We were both in awe. She was pink and beautiful and breathing and perfect. She let out a little cry or two and was just looking around and taking everything in. I looked down and said “she has red hair!”

7:28 AM We called the midwife’s cell phone. B was here. We didn’t make it. Now what?

{Just seconds after she was born. I really have no idea who took this picture. Mr. Serious doesn’t remember taking it. I was cold, wet and tired and my girl was here with no medical help!}

B's very first picture

So, that’s the bulk of the birth story, I’ll continue what transpired next…this is a lot to take in!

To be continued….

You can read part 2 now!

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  1. I’m seriously amazed, in awe and so happy for your family. Congratulations. 🙂

  2. wow!!! amazing! I really would have been freaking out… lol yeah!! for healthy babies born so sweetly at home!

  3. I am in TEARS, Krystyn!! OMG! Seriously. Tears and chills. Congrats on B’s arrival!

  4. That is just amazing, especially looking back on your previous birthing stories (and thinking of my own) – to think our bodies actually know what they are supposed to do sometimes! Congratulations again Krystyn!

  5. Congrats, little B is so adorable!! How you two remained calm while birthing a baby at home is beyond me. I didn’t wait very long to go to the hospital when the pain started in really bad. I needed to get antibiotics though so that was another reason I didn’t wait.

  6. So amazing Krystyn! I am so impressed with your relaxation and meditation methods. Our bodies are truly amazing. Little b is such a blessing!

  7. That’s beautiful!

    … and a little scary!

    I am so glad she is here! And she was born on her due date? Or one day late?

    C was born with a midwife in a bathtub, but it was planned that way!

  8. Oh wow! She was definitely ready to be born! With how fast my first two came, when I started feeling anything with my third, I insisted on going to the hospital immediately because I was afraid of a home birth. But it sounds like everything was okay with yours. Can’t wait to hear the rest!

  9. Awesome. Amazing. So very cool! So great to know your body is amazing and how smoothly and perfectly everything went. I knew it was going to a be a great birth. Now I finally get to say ‘I told you so!’

  10. Wow! That’s a happy mama moment or 5000 if I’ve ever heard one!

  11. Heather B. says:

    Awesome birth story! Congrats!

  12. Tears of joy for you!! What an experience!! So happy you and your gorgeous baby are healthy and so happy Mr Serious kept his cool 🙂 What a story little B has! Congrats again!

  13. All I can say is WOW!!! Congratulations, girl. So happy for you!

  14. Isn’t Hypnobirthing AMAZING!!!! People thought I was crazy and I was in labor for 24 hours but that baby flew out of me. This is so sweet. This made me so very happy. I hope lots of Moms read it and know that birth is not medical, it’s natural and you just proved that. Way to go girl I can’t wait to meet her!

  15. Holy cannoli!! I can’t imaging giving birth at home! Thank goodness there weren’t any complications! Can’t wait to read the rest of the story!

  16. Your husband is right! That is AMAZING!! OMG! Amazing. I am glad everyone is healthy and safe. You have a wonderful story to tell her when she gets older!

    1. Funny, in those moments, I wasn’t even thinking about brave. I was thinking about how much it hurts and to do whatever I could to make it stop!

  17. You are a rock star!! you listened to your body and let it do it’s thing. I have many friends who have had many babies at home on purpose and many have used the hypnobirth method. It so works! I am so happy and excited for you and Matt. I bet your body is recuperating much better this time as well. God is so good!! Yay for happy, healthy babies!!

  18. Woman, you are a super star. I am in awe of you.

  19. This story is beyond incredible. 🙂 I’m smiling and crying and just overwhelmed with joy for you.

    Sidenote: I’m totally happy to hear that I’m not the only one with natural labor puking feelings (except mine happened… a lot). My heart is so happy for you! Everything sounds perfect.

    1. Thanks, Rachel. I really, really thought I was going to. Although relieved I didn’t because it would have gone all over our carpet!

  20. Lura Staffanson says:

    Oh my goodness…. what a story!!!! Miss B will have a lot to brag about some day. It must have been scary and hard but amazing at the same time. When I read Mr. S told your friend that she could take time for a shower I was yelling …..no…. get over there right now.
    Well I am glad that all of you are doing well. I hope that you didn’t tear too badly. I was worried about your platelet count preventing you from getting an epidural but Miss B took care of that with her rapid arrival….. or your late leaving. I’m so glad that she was born without complications. May God bless all of you and may you heal quickly. Hugs, Lura

    1. Thanks, Grammy! Yeah, I didn’t know until later that he told her to take a shower, but honestly, I don’t think I would have gotten into the car 20 minutes previous to that, or we would have pulled over on the side of the road (it’s about 45 minutes to the hospital we were delivering at!).

  21. I believe this is the first time I’ve ever been by your blog, and what an amazing story to be introduced to it.
    I LOL’d at the “I see her head” part. I could not imagine having a baby at home. Having had three c-sections, which I believe could have been prevented. An at home is few and far between this day in age. Unfortunately I think medical influence had scared women into giving birth naturally. I guess for $$ purposes, look how much you saved in medical expenses. WOW!
    Not that “B’s” birth was intentionally done at home, like some are. The magic of bringing a child into the world is amazing no matter where it takes place. Your discription of the process makes me think of how it may have been a hundred years ago or more. Women without drugs, with only family to help, and no medical assistance. I am in awe of this story. So Great!

    1. You know what’s crazy? I think it actually ended up costing us more than a hospital birth (100% insurance coverage), because we had to pay for the transport of both of us (which counted as two “service runs”). I think I might have had the most expensive home birth!

  22. What an amazing story. So uplifting, pure and hopefully. It brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations to you and your wonderful family. I cannot wait to read the rest of the story.

    Happy New year

  23. CONGRATS!!! Oh my, what a story you have! I LOVE that you have it all written down with times too.

    1. Thank goodness for our phones for sure, or else I wouldn’t have had any idea….and no idea even the time she was born!

  24. Wow, wow, wow! Such a great event. I’m glad you listened to your body and let it do it’s thing but WOW, WOW, WOW!

  25. OK! You win! By far the most interesting birth story I have read to date!!! Btw, I love that the toilet seat is in the background of your picture, and she is beautiful!!

    1. It really is night and day difference the way the birth went. I would recommend it to anybody that would listen.

  26. Awesome!! I’m so impressed. This story totally made me cry too. I love birth stories, especially awesome ones like this. Thank you for sharing (part 1 anyway). Congratulations! You’re amazing.

  27. I’m bawling!!! What a beautiful story! Really. It really is so amazing. I love that the hubby just said, “amazing” because really that is all there is to say. I love it. Such a great story.
    Thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂
    And again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  28. christine jessamine says:

    That is an incredible story! She is so beautiful. I am half way there till my due date, and I have no idea how I want to do it.

  29. Wow! Such a great story. I can’t wait to hear what happened next. Oh, and I love the nursery wall and colors you are using.

    1. Thank you! We had them for E, so I didn’t have much to do! I wanted something slightly girly but not over the top barfy girly:)

  30. That’s an amazing story. Congrats on your beautiful daughter!

  31. i literally don’t even know what to say…speechless friend!!

    oh wait…congratulations!!

  32. What a wonderful story. I know she will enjoy hearinit when she is older. I definitely enjoyed reading it.

  33. Lindsay Coffman says:

    Beautiful! I already read the second part first. LOL! I loved your birth story! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  34. Teresa Honores says:

    OMg how exciting I have heard of a lot of people that have given birth at home unanticipated, I wish that would happen to me but then I don’t LOL CONGRATS!!!!!

    1. That’s what I said after the first three to a couple friends recently:)

  35. I am due in two months and absolutely cracking out on birth stories! This was amazing! Thanks for sharing! On to part two…

  36. That is amazing! I wonder what your other girls thought when you came out of the bathroom with the baby!

    1. They seriously thought it was no big deal. But just recently, my oldest asked if she was born at home or a hospital!

  37. My GOODNESS! I don’t think I could have kept my wits through all of that, you and Mr. Serious did great. Those babies are on their own schedule, aren’t they?!

  38. You had her while sitting on the toilet? Oh my goodness, what an incredible story to share with her when she is older.

    1. Yep..sure did! It’s the most comfortable pushing position! It’s just like a birthing stool:)

  39. You know how everyone says you have a twin in this world or a doppelgänger, well you my friend have mirrored my sisters life! She has four girls three which are red headed. And her last little angel was accidentally born at home because she was trying something different! This was fun and creepy to read this story

    1. Oh my goodness! That really is truly crazy! I don’t think I’ve ever felt I had a doppelgänger before!!!

  40. Wow. So, so, good. Loved reading it again. 🙂

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