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A Day at the Fair

Every day for a week when we drove by the fair, #1 would tell us “look horsies” and we did. Then, they set up a trailer in front of them, and she could no longer see them.

So, she was promised a day at the fair.

Which happened to be a day that she skipped her nap. Fun for #1…not so much for us! But, I think we had a good time.

First stop, the petting zoo. She wanted to stay put in her stroller until she figured things out. She was a little bit overwhelmed….and a lot of bit tired.
Turns out, she was much more interested in the chickens and the bunnies. While checking the bunnies out, she demonstrated the “hop-hop” that they do.
Then, we went to “ride the horsies.” Of course, #1 didn’t want to do it, until we were walking away. So, of course, we gave in. Daddy went with her because Mommy doesn’t do spinning so well.

Despite the look on her face, she actually had a great time. When she got off, she ran to tell me “ride the horses…go round and round.” I was impressed because she came up with the “round and round” part all by herself.
Once she figured out what the rides were, she wanted to ride the elephants and ride the fish. But, we just did the one horse ride.

She got to walk around a lot. We were hoping for a good night’s sleep.
Have a heart-to-heart.
And this is where you should see a picture of me eating some of my favorite fair food; shaved ice and cotton candy. However, #1 was done with the fair and made it less than enjoyable. So, no fair food this time and we headed home with a cranky, tired toddler, and some cranky tired parents.

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  1. Ok, is she demonstrating “giving the birdie” too in that first pic. Lol, too cute!

  2. She looks so cute in her hat! Glad you all had fun at the fair (well, until it was time to GO!) ; )

  3. I love days like that! The last picture of her and Matt is perfect. Love that daddy/daughter thing!

  4. LOVE that last shot! Daddy-Daughter bonding captured perfectly.

    I love the fair. Until my kids start reminding me that maybe I don’t. 🙂

  5. says:

    It looks like you all three had a great time. Just wait until no-nap becomes the norm and the nap is the rarity.

  6. Sorry to hear she was without a nap. That truly does make such a difference in how outing go!

    Maybe you should have been eating cotton candy to deal with the situation. A little sugar rush for you and the baby! 🙂

  7. Super cute pictures! Looks like the family had a wonderful time. I’d love for you to stop by my blog and say hello! Have a great weekend. (:

  8. Good pictures…looks like fun..of course up until she was “done”…right?

    There’s always next time….

  9. No fair food? That’s the only reason I take my kids anywhere, for the food!!! I get the “toddler” comes first though. We have one around here that rules too!

  10. Cranky toddler at a fair is tough, but looks like she had fun. :o) She’s such a cutie!

  11. Even though she was cranky and tired.. she is still so stinkin’ adorable..

  12. Looks like a good time! Sorry you didn’t get your fair food 🙁
    Cranky kids tend to dominate the schedule around here too.

  13. Awe, how cute is she. Looks like she enjoyed the fair.

  14. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    No fair junk food? Guess you will have to go back! Don’t you just love days like these? LOVED ’em!

  15. Funny how the fair does that to you. My husband is a fair junky. Seriously 14 day long fair and last year we were there 9 times. And Mr. Scale was NOT liking me after that. Fair food indeed. Luckily this year we got by with only 3 times!

    Your little girl is a cutie and sounds like she had a good time crankies aside.

  16. I love the comment “I think we had a good time.”
    Maybe you should sleep on it, and revisit the idea — ha ha.
    Fairs are a lot of fun.
    I think.

  17. That looks like so much fun! We’ve never taken Tate to the fair yet…it]s too expensive here!! 😉

  18. You left w/o cotton candy? Perhaps that is why everyone left cranky. LOL! Awesome pictures!

  19. Looks like fun.

    I love shaved ice and we don’t have it here so I empathise with your loss.

    Hope the platelet count is going well. Not long and you are in single digits. How exicting is that??

  20. I could easily gain 8 pounds from ONE visit to the fair!!!

  21. That looks like so much fun!! We don’t get anything like that here in ol Lake Charles 🙁

  22. The fair is a huge deal at our house. We talk about it all year long. The boys just love it. But I ALWAYS make them take a nap before we go or they’ll be little devils for sure.
    Great pics!

  23. Visiting the fail is one of our favorite things to do too. However, our petting zoo had gigantically tall animals that scared all the little kids. Not cool!

  24. I hate when that happens. I have walked away from fair food for this very reason. Here’s to next year!

  25. Cute pictures! I am sure she loved the fair. Any news on your plateletts? I am praying for 107,000, you want higher?

  26. Oh.. fair food.. is so yummy!!! MMM!! I’m glad you guys had a GREAT TIME!!
    I did have to chuckle about the first picture though.. tee hee!!

  27. I can’t believe you felt like walking around a fair in your “delicate” condition. Glad that y0u had a fun day.

    How are those platelets? You are in my prayers.

  28. Check out my blog. Have something for you there.

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