PSF-The Hippo


#1 has been obsessed with hippos lately and conveniently, daddy got this little guy at work (don’t ask!). Daddy brought it home for #1.
Can you tell she loves it?
But, rest assured, the story does not end with the cute little toddler “hamming” it up holding her hippo. Oh, no, it sure doesn’t.

You see, hippos live in the “muuuud.” Yes, she says it just like that.

And apparently, hippo got dirty. So, hippo took a bath. Any guesses where?

You there in the back? Yes, that’s right, in the toilet. Don’t leave yet…it gets better.

Daddy knew about the hippo in the toilet, but he left it there. I guess the hippo was really dirty from all of the “muuuud.”

Fast forward to about 3am when #2 starts squawking (yes, she squawks, she doesn’t cry). I get up and give her the paci.

And, remember when MG said that you have to pee first? Well, I forgot.

So, after tending to the town crier, I ran to the the bathroom.

Ahh, sweet relief.

I stand up, turn around to flush the toilet. And “what the hell is that?” Seriously, OUTLOUD!
(Have I mentioned I wear glasses/contacts and I didn’t have them on?)

There is a HUGE gray thing floating in the toilet. I started checking myself for injuries. I came up short.

Then, it hit me. That stupid hippo was still “taking a bath.”

So, yep, I peed on the hippo.

So he got his bath alright, complete with Lysol bubbles.

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  1. great post I used to love hippo’s also I thought it was funny how they would wiggle their ears.

    great photo friday

  2. Ha ha! Quite the surprise in the middle of the night! We have a special place in our hearts for hippos in this house!

  3. hahahaha. I probably would have thrown the hippo away! Where did the hippo obsession come from? She was talking about hippos that night I read her books…

  4. *snort* That was extra funny! I love the picture of your daughter…she looks so happy! 🙂

  5. Our princess likes hippos?!?! OMG!! SO CUTE!!

    Love, Mere

  6. That is so funny! My husband sis this once to me with goldfish in the toilet, and yes, I peed all over them.

  7. That’s hilarious!!! Another orifice…just not on the body!

  8. Ah, I can see/hear it now and it’ll make me laugh for several days…probably at my 2am, 4am, and 6am pee-times, too. thanks! 🙂

  9. I can’t breathe!

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time!

  10. that is seriously funny! I totally thought it was going down the pipes.

    Happy PSF

  11. hee hee – too funny! the poor fellow!

    did you change things up here?

  12. Heehee, that’s hysterical. I found a shoe floating in our toilet once… but luckily I didn’t pee on it:)

  13. Sparkette says:

    Oh goodness! That would be a bit shocking! LOL!

    A girl after my own heart! I love HIPPOS! They are just cute! I have tons of them! Even a stapler for work! OBSESSED? No my mom just buys them constantly!

  14. Im so laughing right now!!! haha wow! great post. =)

  15. Oh……. that was magic. Actually sitting here by myself and laughing out loud! Thank you for that good start to my day!

  16. Too funny!!

    I think I would have screamed out loud and woken up the rest of the house.

  17. Oh that is too funny! Did you clean him off on the middle of the night or wait until morning?

  18. That is too funny! I’m sure he enjoyed his little Lysol bath!

  19. My daughter’s fascinated with monkeys. Luckily, they haven’t ended up in the toilet though, LOL! But they have gone to Target with us (and just about everywhere else we go.) My little Miss Monkey even made her favorite monkey a sleep mask to wear to bed just like hers (yes, her Daddy travels way too much and has a lot of airline freebies that he shares with his little girlie.)

  20. I would’ve been wondering what the heck was wrong with me too! HA! (I’m blind as a bat and don’t usually put my glasses on when I get up to pee either…)

  21. Seriously…that was HILARIOUS!!! I about peeded in my pants!! Too funny!!
    Although, I’ll have to tell you the story about Chris’ Grandad….sorry to say it beats the hippo story!! 🙂

  22. Hahaha!
    Note to self: check toilet BEFORE using it. 😉

  23. Oh man….so funny! Time for some potty locks huh? 🙂

  24. What a funny story! And from the looks of the picture, there was no way you could throw Hippo away after his yellow shower.

  25. Few people have urinated on a hippo and lived to tell the tale.

  26. Dying laughing right now. My fav part is that Mr. Serious knew it was there and LEFT IT! Oh, men.

  27. haha…that is hilarious! And yeah…my hubby would DEF. have left the hippo in the toilet for me to pee on…or pick out too!!

  28. As someone who w/out her contacts or glasses can only say fuzzy shapes, I totally understand looking in the toilet going “WHAT?!?!?!” hee hee.

  29. Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander says:

    Hippos are the coolest! We have a few of those around here too, although they’ve never had a pee bath before. loL!! Great PSF!

  30. I guess the question is: Were the pictures taken before or AFTER the incident occured…hehehehehe

  31. PAPA BEAR (aka Mr. Serious) what were you thinking? I love it! I pictured the whole story in my head and I am cracking up!!!

  32. I can so see that happening to me seeings as I have a four year old and a 13 month old who happen to be obsessed with the toilet. I’ve been lookng for some new blogs to follow around…I think I just found another one! Have a great weekend…TGIF!

  33. omg, that is funny. She sure has a huge smile for her hippo:)

  34. OMG! I would have screamed the same thing.

    And I don’t wear contacts or glasses 🙂

  35. Hilarious! That truly is quite a story. Poor little hippo. Okay, I guess I should be feeling worse for the poor soul who had to pluck him out!

  36. How funny.

    I’d have probably shouted something inappropriate and screamed the house down. I just watched this creepy show about aliens and they were calling some aliens “the greys” so in my warped mind I’d have thought that the grey thing was an alien wanting to eat my arse or something..

  37. Oh no! Nothing like peeing on a hippo in the middle of the night!

  38. LOL! Oh know!!! Now he is a dirty hippo! Toilets creep me out more than about anything else on this planet!

  39. 51 comments…. my goodness… are you popular or what!!!!

    This is a really funny post….but not so funny for you having to fish hippo out of the toilet.

    Just be glad that you did not flush him down and stop up your toilet.

    Have a great week…and thanks for leaving Marta a comment.

    Good luck on my give-away. You have earned several chances to win.
    Hugs, Lura

  40. It’s hilarious that Mr. Serious just left it there! So stinkin’ funny!

  41. HA! You just made my husband ask me what was so funny… I always love it when blogs give me a real hearty giggle. You’ve got a new reader!

  42. omg that is AWESOME!!

    and what is it about always having to go when the kid cries/squawks in the middle of the night?

  43. At least you didn’t flush! I can imagine that would not have ended up being very pretty!

    (and yes, I must admit that when I read about muuuuuddd, the toilet, and it getting worse, my mind went south!)

  44. HAHA
    I am SO glad I got back here to read this post.

    Thanks for sharing – I needed a laugh. 😉

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