Using Puls to mount a TV in our garage gym with coupon code


Our garage gym has been a work in progress since last August. It’s slowly coming together and we are getting pretty close to happy with it. Of course, I say that after just picking up a couple sets of heavier dumbbells and a new dumbbell rack. There’s always more and this is where using Puls to mount a TV in our garage gym has taken the cake. 

Mounting a tv in our garage gym with puls

Spin bikes with Peloton App

Not too long ago, I purchased a used spin bike that has been amazing. I use it with the Peloton app for some great rides. But, I was finding I had to balance an tablet on the console of the bike…which wasn’t very fun and was a little dangerous. Then, Mr. Serious wanted to ride, too and we weren’t sharing the bike very well. So I went and got another used spin bike (two bikes for less than the price of one Peloton bike, yes please!). 

So, now two of us are trying to ride a bike looking and listening to one small tablet precariously perched on the handlebars. And then I had my a-ha moment. We had an older TV sitting in our bonus room and weren’t sure what to do with it. I wondered if I could put the TV in the garage and cast what was on our tablet screen onto the TV. Turns out after a little investigating, I found that I could use an apple TV and have pretty close to the exact experience I needed. 

Using Puls to mount a TV in our garage gym

Now, my next issue was getting this TV mounted. Mr. Serious and I have mounted a couple TVs in our house before. We’ve paid around $100 for the mount and then had to do the work ourselves. Let’s just say one TV is almost level and we are going to be okay with it.

So when Puls reached out to work together, it was kismet. I asked if we could do a mount with a swivel so that the TV could appear to be in the corner and they said it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Setting up the appointment

Using the Puls website is incredibly easy to book a service (including TV mounts, phone repairs, home appliance repair, garage repair, smart home setup and more).

  • You simply click, “Book a service” 
  • Select TV mounting (in my case)
  • Select the size of the TV you’d like mounted
  • Enter your zip code (to make sure they service your area, and the areas are growing daily it seems)
  • Select the bracket type you need: Fixed, Tilting, Full-motion or you already have a bracket (we used full-motion to achieve the corner look)
  • Select where you’d like it mounted: on the wall, over a fireplace or over 6’ high
  • Select the wall type (drywall or wood, brick, concrete or other)
  • Select if you have an outlet within 4 feet. 
  • Select any other options you might need set up or cords you might need
  • Select your date and time (as soon as same day)
  • You’ll get a link to pay when the work is completed



Going through the process I was able to set up something as soon as the next hour on the SAME DAY! If that’s not service and some instant gratification! After that, and setting it all up, you receive text messages letting you know that your appointment has been confirmed, that they will be on time and they are on their way, almost there and then there. I really like the communication and keeping me in the loop. 

I also like that I don’ have to set a 4-8 hour window and then hope that they show up!

Puls tv mount for garage gym

Getting to work

As soon as my tech, Ayende arrived, he introduced himself and got to work. I didn’t have a mount so he brought one for our use. He asked where the TV was, where we wanted it mounted and explained what he was going to do. 

Puls tv mount for garage gym

He was very fast and efficient and even though I was grilling him with questions, he kept working. 

I was curious how he felt about working with Puls and what he thought of the job. He said it was the best company he’s worked for and the best job he’s had. He said he gets paid very regularly and was happy with his pay, which I liked to hear. 

Puls tv mount for garage gym

He marked the studs, confirmed where I wanted the TV mounted and before I knew it, the mount was on the wall (way, way, way faster than I could have done).

Puls tv mount for garage gym

Then it was a matter of getting the TV attached to the mount.

Puls tv mount for garage gym

Then he checked to verify it was level and I was happy with the placement, and voila, he was done. 

Puls tv mount for garage gym

From start to finish, it was less than 30 minutes until the TV was mounted and we were in business. For an added cost, I could have had the wires hidden, but seeing as it’s my garage gym, I wasn’t concerned with the wires and how they looked. 

Puls tv mount for garage gym

Once it was all set up, I hooked up my Apple TV and had Peloton streaming via my device and I was ready for a ride. It’s also a great set up for other apps and videos to lead when I want to try out a different workout or even check on how to do an exercise with FASTer Way to Fat Loss.

peloton set up with tv mounted in garage gym with puls

Coupon Code:

Want to try out Puls for their TV mounting, cell phone repairs (I hear they are amazing), smart home set-up or more? Use code KRYSTYN for 5% off any Puls service. (expires October 1, 2019) Enter the code in the last step where it says “I have a coupon code.”

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