16th annual Pumpkin patch 2021 | Mommy and Me Monday | 612th ed


Life has been incredibly busy. And on the off-chance it’s not, none of us want to do anything.

So when I added take annual pumpkin patch pictures to the calendar and it was misty, I pushed it back. Which meant on Halloween.

Thankfully, there is a place by us that was still set up on Halloween.

Maybe not so thankfully, we had to have a talk in the car on the way there that we had about 15 minutes to pump ourselves up and figure out how to smile. (Rainbows and unicorns, right? or honesty!!)

The sun wasn’t even out, but it was so bright that we were all squinting. BUT…picture achieved. One more year knocked off!

I even tried the, smile-but-close-your-eyes-and-I’ll-count-to-3-and-open-your-eyes trick. Truth be told, I hated that trick because I always closed my eyes by the time the picture was taken. And, let’s see…it didn’t really work all that well here, either.

There are some pretty funny outtakes, too!


Then, my smart mom moment was to come behind the bench and, voila, open eyes!


(and a picture of my tripod, too..whoops)

After a cross country run, it was time for some costumes and trick or treating.

This year, we had Elsa (turned vampire Elsa), BB8, Ariel and a black cat (turned vampire cat).

And, two tired parents…because do we even need a costume?

Who else at too much candy?

Happy Halloween! And here’s to November and Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Check out all of our previous pumpkin patch pictures from 2006-2019!

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