Moving and Shaking with Reebok Trilux


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Now that it’s finally warming up here (meaning it went from 55 one morning to 70 the next) and the sun is out in time, the girls and I are back to walking to school in the morning. It’s a nice half mile walk with all four girls and then a half mile home just B and I on the way back. It typically results in interesting recaps of the previous day, hypotheses about what is to come, or silly stories about the dead snake we pass on the way. It’s always an adventure.

Reebok Trilux for a walk

When it comes to the walk, I’m usually all ready for the day to head to the gym. But, I don’t like to wear my gym shoes all day. Instead I’m wearing my brand new Reebok Trilux shoes from Academy Sports for my walk. They are fashionable, supportive and comfy for my morning walk. And stylish enough that I will wear them with shorts or jeans when I run errands after my trip to the gym. Or let’s be honest, when I go to run my errands still in my workout clothes and just change my shoes. Comfort, style, and simplicity is what I’m going for most days.

Reebok Trilux

Yes, they look cute and comfy, but they also work for a little celebratory jumping, too. What’s the reason? No reason…just jumping and seeing if we could capture it. Next time, I need to work on flexing my muscles a little more!

reebok trilux good for jumping pictures

The Reebok Trilux shoes are a great shoe for everyday wear. I can definitely see these for a trip to a theme park or a day of leisurely hanging. The fun sparkle integrated into the shoelaces makes them fashionable and the support of them being tennis shoes make them functional. The toe box of the shoe is soft and flexible with a fabric covering making it extra roomy and breathable. And the shoe opening is soft fabric that really hugs your foot.

As we are outside more and more during the Spring, these are the perfect shoe for now, or even to give someone on Mother’s Day. I’m always buying myself or asking for new athletic or leisure shoes and these totally fit the bill.

Reebok Trilux

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  1. These are really cool looking shoes. I bet they’re super comfortable, too. I bet you could run errands all day wearing these!

  2. I need all the support. my little feet are aging right along with me! And I finally stopped wearing my running shoes around and about… I now have shoes like these for just getting around.

  3. Grandma Pat says:

    Very cute shoes – Great Jump too – I typically use my older work out shoes for casual but if they aren’t good anymore for work outs I probably shouldn’t use them for casual.

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