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At the party last weekend, #1 showed us that she’s ready for something.

tarzan izzy

Anything that lets her have some freedom.

zip line izzy

And some fun.

trampoline izzy

With just a little concentration and structure.

Balance beam izzy

I guess we now know that dance or gymnastics are in her future.  She had a great time!  And, all this time, Mr. Serious has been pushing for soccer.  I think we’ve got an artist on our hands.

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  1. Wow, that looks like an amazing gymnastics facility. How fun! My boys would love it!

  2. I would say so!!! You should totally get her into one or both!!! As soon as Mia is old enough I for sure want to get her into dance to see if she may like it!!! I think activities are great!!!

  3. I agree with Nikki maybe she is ready for both.

    By August we are going to enroll the girls in dance, they love to dance.

  4. dude she looks soooo big up there on the beam!! holy wow batman!!

    ps – can i come to the next party – this place looks awesome!

  5. That looks like such a fun party! Love it : )
    I think gymnastic centers are so much fun.
    Kaish took it for 10 weeks when he was 4 : )
    He was the cutest kid in his class.
    And I am not predjudiced at all! : )

  6. Oh she looks so cute!
    I started Landon in soccer when he was 3 1/2 and he hasnt stopped! lol
    I think it gives them so much structure to be a part of a “group” or activity!!
    She looks like this could be her thing!!
    Hey, maybe Nat will want to play soccer! haha

  7. A dancer would be wonderful — though I think you may just have a little adrenaline junkie there too 🙂

    Is that a giant pile of foam blocks to fall into? How cool would that be? Where do you live again?

  8. That is so exciting! Seeing your kids truly enjoy something is even better than enjoying something yourself, isn’t it?

  9. No reason she can’t do soccer and gymnastics/dance as long as the schedules aren’t too demanding or overlap. I bet she’d like both.

  10. Yep, she looks like a natural! Go for it! Love the shot of her swinging…

  11. She looks like she had a blast! Great balance too!

  12. What a natural! Get that girl into gymnastics, for sure!

  13. Those are so adorable and I’m all for gymnastics over soccer. It doesn’t interfere with Saturdays very often.

  14. Oh my gosh, how fun! I’m hoping my Jilly is into dance, I took classes when I was younger. Hopefully she will much more graceful than I was.

  15. Ah! Precious pictures girl!
    I totally have George Micheal’s song “Freedom” stuck in my head now. 😛

  16. That is fantastic! And what a cool place! I wish we had something like that where we live.

  17. It is so amazing when they start to find their own niche! I am in awe of both of my girls determination to choose their own paths…I’m just trying to light the way:)

  18. How cute is she!! Love it and so glad to see she had such a great time. We just started Anya and she is loving it!!

    BTW- we also gave her the choice of soccer vs. gymnastics and it was gymnastics all the way.

  19. i wanna jump into that giant blue foam pit! it looks like a lot of fun!

  20. or the circus! 🙂 Melody did gymnastics this year and LOVED it!

  21. Grammy Lura says:

    I think your little Izzy has the knack. Our Johnny was like that. He took to it the first time he went to the gym at 5. Maybe he and Izzy are both olympic bound.

  22. I was definitely never a gymnast. Then again, I guess I was never much of anything. I did not like attention when I was little. Doing anything = attention.

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