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Vacation has been great and wonderful and crazy and exhausting.

Our girls just don’t nap well when they aren’t at home and they aren’t in their beds. And, we’ve pushed them beyond everything they know.

Case in point. One very tired girl fell asleep on the couch reading a book from her great grandma.

#2 sleeps

So tired in fact, that she let daddy move her to her vacation bed where she slept for a while longer and we had to wake her up for dinner.

And, lets just say she wasn’t very happy about it:(

#sign of a tired girl #photoadayjune day 5 

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  1. i feel your pain mama!!

    i always want a vacation after our vacations 🙂

  2. grandma Pat says:

    Was this after we left Tuesday? I was wondering when she was going to crash. It surely was a busy weekend but a lot of fun. I really enjoyed visitiing with you, Mr. Serious and the girls. Had a lot of fun fishing with them and Aunt Deb kyacking with them was priceless.

    1. I don’t honestly remember which day this was. I think this was after the swim in Lake Michigan.

  3. God love it…look at that sweet baby.

    I’m the same way. My bed or nothing. And you know she’s gonna sleep goooood once she does get back to her bed!!

  4. benjamin sun says:

    cool picture. That is my vacation sleeping.

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