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Toast….no toast


This is my life these days…and this all happened while I was on the phone with hubby, who thought it was hilarious!

#1: All done, all done, all done.
Me: Okay, let’s clean your hands off (while getting my toast ready).
#1: Mommy’s toast.
Me: Yes, #1, this is mommy’s toast. Do you want some?
#1: All done.
Me: Okay, let’s get down (proceed to unbuckle her seat and try to get her down).
#1: Mommy’s toast. Some. Yeah.
Me: So, you want some of Mommy’s toast?
#1: All done.
Me: Then, let’s really get down.
#1: Mommy’s toast.
Me: Okay, here’s some toast.
#1: No toast. All done. Up please.
Me: Okay, give me the toast, you are getting down.
#1: No down, mommy toast.
Me: No, you said you didn’t want it, you’re getting down.
#1: (crying) Mommy, toast. Mommy, toast.

And then, I just ignored her…because really, what else can I do?

Then, later during her swimming lessons, she cried almost the whole time, except when she was just standing in the water and playing with a watering can.

Me: #1, it’s time to go to story time at the library.
#1: Story time, yeah.
Me: So, we need to get out of the pool and get dressed.
#1: No out. No dressed.
Me: Well, we have to so we can go to story time. Do you want to go to story time?
#1: Story time.
Me: Okay, well, let’s get out (and we proceed to walk to the steps to get out).
#1: No out. POOL!
Me: #1, you aren’t even enjoying the pool, let’s go to story time.
Me: We’re getting out and going to story time.
Me: We’re getting dressed now and drying off.
#1: (Crying!)
The End!

And, we went to story time, and she loved it!

Do you think she has mommy’s indecisiveness? Is toddlerhood always so much fun?


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  1. hahaha – even when they talk and understand us, we cant understand them! cute 🙂 just wait til you have 2!! 🙂 I’m so envious of Emily… she gets to be an aunt to TWO kids!!!

  2. Toddlerhood…fun…hmmm…NO!!! lol That was a rough year and a half in our household! 18 months to 3 years…momma found a new best friend…WINE!! 😉 She is so darn cute though..I can just picture her having the convo with you!!
    (uh oh..Rach is jealous!! you better do something about that Steph!)

  3. Too funny….if you think communication is difficult now just wait unti she is a teen.

  4. I think these convo’s are hilarious! I was giggling the whole time. I cannot wait until we get partial sentences too!

    Yeah, you think Rachel is putting a bit of pressure on? Totally.

  5. SO cute! She’s trying to be a “big” girl and make decisions on her own! love that!

  6. so many great options…toast, the pool and story time!!

    i too would be torn 🙂

    very cute friend!

  7. Whew…let me tell you that we have days just like this here too!!

  8. You hit the nail on the head. Sometimes all you can do is walk away.

    Seriously, this is my day with Anya in a nutshell.

    Glad to hear that someone else is also enjoying the toddler years! 🙂

  9. I love it!
    Glad you captured it on your blog.
    It will be fun to go back and read later.

  10. trifitmom says:

    lordy that goes on her a bunch as well. fun huh ?

  11. oh yes, what fun.

    I go through things like this with 8 kids at work everyday.

  12. Trust me it only gets better everyday….LOL LOL LOL

  13. sometimes they can get so frustrated – both with trying to get across what they want, as well as transitioning from one activity to another… but it passes so very quickly… won’t be long, and it will be a very fond memory…


  14. Yes.

    It is always that much fun. Wait until the toddler becomes a preschooler. Now that is some fun. LOL.

  15. Your Izzy is hilarious. lol

    I was telling someone else this recently…you could share kid conversations all day, every day on your blog, and I would just gobble it up! I love kid talk.

  16. anglophilefootballfanatic says:

    Welcome to the terrible twos, love. It gets better. I promise.

  17. LOL that’s so cute. I couldn’t help but laugh!

  18. OH YES…we have those days here too. except Luke can’t talk quite like Iz..sooo..all I hear is “up up up (insert whine here) done done (insert more whine) up up up”
    i just ignore it sometimes too! haha…cause you’re right…what else can you do?? LOL

  19. This is what I have learned about toddlers.

    We never win.

    There is no pleasing them.

    Glad to hear you’re experiencing the same as me.

    Oh and about google analytics it’s easy you just install it and after a couple of days it starts telling you stuff when you check it about where your traffic is coming from and all that good stuff.

    If you have any other questions just email me.

  20. I tell hubs all teh time, the only thing I can do is laugh when he doesn’t understand how I can listen to the crying and the confusion!

  21. Congrats on YOUR award from Flip Flop MOM!!!!!!

  22. Yeah, it doesn’t get easier. Once they get past the communication barriers they just get smarter about how they’re going to drive you nuts.

  23. I was just thinking the same think about my conversations with Chandler. She says “Mama” and I say “Yes, Chandler?” and she says “Mama” and I say “What do you need?” and she says “Mama” and I say “I am right here” and she says “Mama”–this could go on and on, but I finally say “I am not answering anymore.” It sounds mean, but GOOD GRIEF!! 2 year olds are sooo fun…but it is even more fun to have a 6 year old who is aggravating the 2 year old literally to tears…in the grocery store or when you are ordering food at the burger joint!!

  24. You hit the nail on the head – sometimes all you can do is throw your hands up in the air and give up! Just wait until she’s 3 . . . it only keeps on getting better with the more words they have to use!

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