The uniform


I can’t believe we are already at the school uniform stage.

School uniforms today, cap and gown tomorrow?

Because, seriously, that’s how I feel.

I can barely pick up my baby, my numero uno, anymore.

She really isn’t my baby anymore.

Just look at her. She’s wearing a school uniform.

I can’t stand it. I’m so not ready for this.

Can we please go back to the infant room?

DSC_4410crop DSC_4411crop

Really, I think I’m sort of okay with her growing up. She sang “Jesus Loves You” in the car on the way home and my heart melted.

But, I still love my sweet cuddles and kisses from my numero uno.


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  1. She looks pretty stinkin cute in that uniform, but I know what you mean. I tried to pick up Libby the other day and not only did I almost drop her she looked at me and said, "Mommy, what are you doing?" Where did the babies go???

  2. mrs. hils says:

    Those pictures even make me sad. Her legs look sooooo long. But, you will grow to love those easy uniforms!

  3. OMG! I can't believe she is big enough for that! Thank goodness we don't do school uniforms. It makes it so much more "official" than wearing regular clothes. Or maybe I am delusional like that!

  4. Uniforms. Life is so much easier with uniforms.

    *I like how you could do these side by side. That's that other software right?

  5. stop it!! a uniform?? how flippin cute is that friend??

  6. Such a big girl now! 🙂

    I wish we had uniforms at our school. It would make things much easier, imo.

  7. Gosh, dealing with your kids growing up must be so hard! One minute they are infants, the next they are feeding themselves, and then soon they're off to school!

  8. Oh my gosh – she is growing up fast! I feel the same way with Miss K. I wish they'd stop it already!

  9. I'm right there with you, minus the uniform. So proud of him yet sooo missing his baby days.

  10. No way!!! She's getting so big!!! And I understand about the not being able to pick them up anymore. Punky is 40 pounds now and I don't pick her up anymore. I have to sit down and let her sit in my lap!!!

  11. I know you don't want to hear this but she looks so grown up in that uniform. And yes, it does go by in a blink.

  12. Yikes…time does go by fast! She's super cute in that uniform though!! I love how comfy it looks!

  13. Oh the uniform days begin…get ready girl! She is so stinking cute though!
    I still pick up my numero uno and he is almost 7! I guess they will always be our babies!!

  14. No! Uniforms?! Already?

    I'm not ready for the "growing up" stage. Not yet…

    But if she has to wear one? She's seriously the cutest little girl ever!

  15. I went to private school from K-8th grade… and I HATED uniforms. I got to high school and I desperately wanted them back!! Ironic isn't it?

    p.s. your numero uno is adorable… and that hair- to die for 🙂

  16. Awe, she looks so proud of herself and like such a big girl!

  17. I'm already crying about the fact my son is starting preschool NEXT year. I will be a blubbering mess when Kindergarten starts!

  18. She looks so cute in her uniform….but I agree with you that kids just grow up too darn fast!!! I should know…my number 2 daughter turned 40 this week!!!!

    Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

  19. That is a cute school uniform! I like it. She's adorable. I too can't handle how fast my children are growing up… I wish we had a pause button, I really, really do. While each stage is wonderful, it's sad to see the stage before go away, you know? Sigh…

  20. She's so cute – looks my my cousin actually!

    I'm so not looking forward to Levi going to school (still about 5 years away) and he isn't even born yet!!!

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