Wacom One Creative Pen Display Review


One of our kids has been very into Warrior Cats lately. Reading the books, writing fan fiction and drawing the cats. We’ve got cats everywhere. She started teaching herself how to draw with a mouse on the computer, but grew frustrated. And at just the right time, the kind people representing Wacom and the Wacom One Creative Pen Display had reached out to see if we wanted to test one out.

It was a loud yes from the kid! You might still be able to hear her!

wacom one creative pen display
wacom one getting started

As soon as it arrived, we opened up the box and got to setting it up and installing it.

The directions were pretty easy to follow. It just needed power and to connect to the computer.

wacom tablet in the box

Space to play

See your imagination come to life in full color on a display that’s nearly A4/letter in size. I was pleasantly surprised at how big the tablet actually is. It’s bigger than my ipad she likes to borrow and draw on.

Installation of Wacom software on mac:

While the directions were very clear, we did run into some permissions issues installing on iOS. After troubleshooting a couple different ways, I reached out to their tech support and in less than 24 hours, we were up and running.

Wacom One isn’t choosy when it comes to operating systems. So, you can link up to Mac or PC, and certain Android tablets or smartphones.

wacom tablet mirror desktop

Paper-like canvas

The surface of the Wacom One has a more natural surface friction and minimal reflection, it feels like you’re drawing or writing on paper, not glass. It’s so much smoother than the glass of an iPad.

Just like a standard pen

With no need for batteries, it’s a pen that feels and looks just right in your hand. And, it’s so accurate, what you do is what you see. The pen also has a button on it that doubles as a mouse clicker.

coloring and drawing with wacom one tablet

The display:

You can use the Wacom One as a second screen at set it to the left, right, top or bottom of your main monitor and use the pen as a mouse/clicker.

After trying that, my kid decided they liked the mirroring of the main monitor better. It allowed them to see it both on the computer and on the tablet.

Personally, I like using it as a second display, but that’s not what works for the kiddo, so it’s set like this. It’s very easy to change between the display settings.

wacom tablet creation on tablet and computer

We are using a free drawing software program on the computer, but the Wacom One works with many other software installed on the computer; even Word.

Digital freedom

Sketch or paint directly on-screen, draw diagrams, annotate documents, enhance photos and videos. Edit and update your work and share your creations with ease.

synced with word

From Wacom:

Whether you’re just starting in digital creation, want to add a twist to your visual thinking or looking to improve your digital expression, Wacom One delivers a great experience. It comes with all the essentials to spice up your digital life. There’s the natural pen feel on the 13.3″ screen, the included creative software – even the ability to connect to Android devices. And it’s compatible with leading pen brands too. Open up new possibilities with Wacom One.

Bonus Pack included

Brilliant apps are waiting to be explored. The included Bamboo Paper*, for example, transforms your creative pen display into a sketchpad.

*Comes with premium features with Wacom One. For Windows 10 only.

The Wacom One Creative Pen Display is a great add-on for your artist or note taker, or anybody that wants to take their handwritten or drawn styles into the digital world.

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