We are one in the same


Dearest Number 1,

We’ve come to an interesting patch in our mother-daughter roles. Mommy has probably given you too much responsibility as the biggest sister. Mommy probably expects too much from you at your ripe age of only 6 years old. Mommy probably thinks you can do more without supervision than you can. Mommy probably forgets how much you still need me. Mommy is probably trying to do too much all around.

When mommy says probably, you can really just remove that word. Because we really aren’t meshing right now. Part of that is all of the above mentioned. Being the oldest is hard. I know. I’m the oldest. 

The other part? We are too darn similar. It’s frightening.

We are one in the same

{Sitting together on the floor doing your homework after reading Dinosaurs Before Dark; love that time together. I’m so happy you love school}

Everything that you do that aggravates me? They are totally things that I do. I know it. I acknowledge it. I don’t know how a 6 year old and a mommy can have so many personality traits that are the same, but we do. But, we’re going to work on it. Since you are 6, I think that means I’m going to have to work on it. To make sure that I don’t get so frustrated so easily. We’re going to work on your reactions to things, too (and maybe that means working on my reactions, too).

I have to be honest, for every one of those things that are most like me that annoy me, there have to be like eleventy-million things that make me smile and think how lucky I am that God entrusted you to me.

But for the record, you asking “what’s for dinner” at 8am, asking for a snack (specifically chips and salty snacks), trying to “logic” things out for me, trying to manipulate situations, trying to trick your sister into doing things, clicking your tongue instead of talking, shaking things in front of me to ask for something, taking forever to clean up a mess that took you 2 seconds to make, and giving the sweetest hugs ever? None of that is like me {wink}.

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  1. It’s alarming, isn’t it? The things I notice that my kids get JUST from me kind of wig me out. And I catch myself talking myself down from being irritated by those same things more often than I should admit. 🙂

  2. Brilliantly observed… I could write something very similar about my daughter!


  3. This is so fun to read and also induces a “oh, me too!” reaction. My oldest is seventeen and we struggled with the same issues. But God has been gracious to shape and form both of us over the years and I count her as friend as well as daughter 🙂

    1. I can only hope and pray that’s the same for us, too!

  4. Oh I love this! Isn’t it funny that the one more similar to you is the one that can exasperate you the most? Same way in our house (and in every house, I’m sure).
    This is such a sweet post, and I hope when she is older she will read it. Love it. 🙂

    1. I hope she loves it..but I’m sure there will be a time when I exasperate her more than she does me!

  5. So so sweet!! I also must admit that my biggest challenge with my oldest is that she is truly a “mini me” in almost every way. Funny how that works out:)
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Oh so funny how it works out. Especially when my hubby points out something she does and says it’s me. She laughs now, but when she’s older, she’ll be terribly annoyed.

  6. I am so happy I found this blog and this particular entry. It is hilarious the things we notice about our kids!

  7. We are going to through the same thing with MM lately. He and his father have WAY too much in common and I can see it getting to my husband a lot some days and oh gosh all those traits you mentioned up there? YES. I think a lot of that is just Six Year Old Behavior but that doesn’t make it any easy to live with, does it?

    1. What’s funny is she has things that are in common with her father, too and those are the same things that really get under his skin.

      But, yes, I have a group of friends with kids the same age and no kidding…SIX is interesting.

  8. I totally can relate.. Broxton is just as stubborn as I am 🙂

    1. Stubborn…such a lovely trait, isn’t it? Surprisingly, she’s not as stubborn as the middle one!

  9. Thankfully my daughter has a lot of her dad’s traits to mellow her out. If she was a complete mini me, I’d probably end up in the looney bin.

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