We don’t need no stinkin’ boys


We are convinced that other people want our third child to be a boy way more than we do.  In fact, we are thrilled with the idea of it…but some people are puzzled and even disappointed when we say there is a girl on the way.

Poo poo on them.

Our girls watch football in the recliner with daddy.

They can be icky like daddy.

And, they think tackling daddy is the best game around.  Sometimes it’s a joint tackle, sometimes it’s one at a time.

tackling daddy

tackling daddy

tackling daddy

tackling daddy

tackling daddy

I think the joy is seen in all three of their faces.

So, yeah, we don’t need no stinkin’ boys (except daddy of course….gotta have daddy!)


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  1. Children, boys or girls, are all blessings.

    My second one due May, is another boy. And I’ve had people say to me, it’s okay, maybe number 3 will be a girl, as if I was disappointed!! As long as the baby is healthy, it shouldn’t matter.

    1. Amen, Amen, Amen!

      We didn’t find out with #1 or #2. When we called a relative right after #2 was born and said it was a girl, said relative said “when are you going to try for a boy?” Literally, my legs are still in stir ups at this point!

      Healthy and happy is all I want, too, and if people doubt me, they’ve got their priorities wrong!

      (And, congrats on boy #2:)

  2. LOL love the photos!! What a fun time! My daughter loves to team up with my to tickle or tackle daddy 🙂

    1. Daddy isn’t able to be tickled here..it’s not fair. But, tackling, they can do as long as they get a running start!

  3. Your family is precious. Nothing is better than tackle time on the floor…with Daddy that is! These old bones can’t handle that kind of fun any more!

    1. If I wasn’t 8 months pregnant, I’d probably be tackling daddy, too!

  4. Exactly! And boy do I get this. People put so much pressure on you to have both sexes in the family. It is crazy.
    Three beautiful girls! How blessed is that!!!!!!

    1. It just doesn’t make sense why everything should/needs to be even to people. Even people that don’t have “even” families, either.

  5. amen sista! we call it the triple crown club around here 😉

  6. jeri maxedon | pink & posh says:

    i am one of three girls, too, so i agree that you don’t need boys! but… there is nothing sweeter than a little boy. my son is one lil’ hellion, but at the end of the day is one of the sweetest little people i know. 😉

    1. Oh, I’m sure that’s true! And, that definitely doesn’t mean I would want a little boy, either:) It’s just the stigma of only girls.

    1. Oh, they sure are having a ball! And, they definitely like to be rough:)

  7. Boy, that sounds familiar! I was THRILLED to find out our second was another boy. My SIL, however, decided it would be totally fun to rub it in my face that her second would be the first girl in the family–as if she had ANYTHING to do with it!!! People are so weird. I would give up having a girl everyday of the week to have my sweet Nolan with me 🙂

    As always, the girls are beautiful, and I can’t wait to hear about No. 3’s arrival! 🙂

    1. Seriously…why do people even say anything.

      I try to respond “what a blessing” or “you are so blessed” for everything!

  8. Little boys are great but your house is blessed with all girls. I am just glad it is your house. One little girl, is all I can handle. 😉

    1. Oh, you know you’d be good with another girl in the mix:)

  9. Yes! Poo on them! My baby girl can get down and dirty with the boys too! Your girls are sooo cute with their daddy!

    1. Exactly…but remind me when I’m dealing with 3 girls and 3 cycles and proms and weddings:)

  10. Girls ROCK! 🙂 Princess Nagger can give a boy a run for his money any day with all the digging in dirt and rough housing she likes to do. 😉

    1. I’m sure she can:) Not that the “boyish” characteristics make them any less sweet.

  11. Ali Peterson says:

    I come from a family with just three daughters. For starters my father was one of the most spoiled men I know! He was very gracious but if he ever even hinted that he wanted a treat or something, someone always jumped on the opportunity to make him something. He declared himself a member of the NBG Club with a few other men from church. This was the “Nuttin’ But Girls” club. He loved it!! When people asked him if he wished he had had boys his answer was always, “I can play ball with my girls, but I can’t put my son in a dress!” I love my dad and my family of girls! Continue to cherish what you have, children (no matter the gender) are a blessing, which I know you know!

    1. Your dad sounds like one awesome person! I like NBG…have to get my hubby to use that one. Maybe if it sounds “cool” people won’t be so negative about it!

  12. Playing devils advocate just for a minute.

    My brother said something to me when we found out we were pregnant with a girl. He said, “I’m just so happy that you get to experience both genders.” I don’t think people mean to be hurtful when they say things about you having a 3rd girl but they should probably just keep it to themselves! I think you make a great point that girls and boys can still have each others “kind” of fun too, if that makes sense! 😉

    I also think that God has a hand in our family make-up and that you having three girls is His perfect plan for you.


    1. I totally know they don’t mean to be hurtful, I just know it isn’t something I want them to hear. I hope that makes sense. I don’t want them to think they are less loved or appreciated, etc, because they aren’t boys. And people will say it right in front of them!

      And, of course, God’s plan is awesome.

  13. People look at us like we’re crazy when we say we want to have one more because we have one boy and one girl. I didn’t realize that’s what everyone had to have.

    1. Geez..you mean you want another kid. But you have the perfect family….that’s what they say, right?

      My uterus..my business:)

  14. Well you know that everyone is assuming that after two girls that you would be trying for a boy! Those people obviously don’t realize that you don’t need one of both to have a complete family. 🙂

    1. Precisely. And, there was no “trying” for a boy. It was always trying for a baby:) A healthy baby!

  15. I remember someone coming up to me when I was pregnant with #3. (I already had 2 girls and #3 was a boy) She said, “oh good. A boy. Now you are done”. I was so annoyed. As if my life would not be complete unless I had a boy? I think not. 🙂

    1. I just don’t get why people feel the need to tell you when your family is complete!

      Can you imagine your life without those adorable little ones?

    1. I don’t think I’m missing out…but I know I’m going to be broke when it gets to prom time and wedding time.

  16. Stephanie Phelps says:

    You’re girls are so adorable! I love the pics when Dad is playful. We have four boys and even though I wished for a little girl I would not trade my boys for anything! 🙂

    1. Exactly! We love our children…just the way they are:)

    1. Oh, of course they are! So many of our friends have mostly boys or all boys:) I meant no offense.

  17. I always think it is weird how invested other people get involved in the reproductive issues of others.

    1. Seriously. Why are my ovaries and uterus a concern of anybody but me, my husband and maybe my ob/gyn.

  18. grandma Pat says:

    Having 2 sisters myself and no brothers, I want to tell you your girls are going to be blessed to have the special relationship sisters have with one another. There will be times when they thinnk they will never speak to each other again then times when they don’t know what they would do without each other. Sometimes due to all being employeed, having our own families, and being far apart geographically we don’t speak to each other for a few weeks, then when we do or even better yet when we all get together it’s wonderful. I love my family, love my 2 sisters, and expecially love my 2 daughters.

  19. Totally get it! As a momma to three girls I get it ALL the time. The “are you guys going to try just one more time for that boy?”, “aw, poor daddy, no boys”…I could go on and on…

    I know we are blessed to have our girls 🙂 Having three girls is so much fun! So happy for y’all 🙂


    1. Oh, I especially dislike the “poor daddy” or “your poor husband!” Umm…yeah, he loves our girls. And, let’s be honest..he’s the reason they are girls:)

  20. I have two girls and I say GO GIRLS! In all seriousness, when I was pregnant, I didn’t have a single fiber in my being that preferred either sex, but now I’m all about embracing the wonderful girls I have!

    1. I didn’t have a single fiber, either. Happy and healthy is all I cared about…looking under the hood was completely secondary!

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