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My love for baby wearing really started with my colicky N. It was the only thing that helped calm her down.  That love grew and grew with E. It was so much easier to wear her so I had my hands free to deal with the older two. She loved it as much as I did and I think it really helped her have the calm demeanor she did (well, now that we are approaching 2, she’s not quite as calm!)

When E was teeny-tiny, she really liked to be wrapped up. But the tails of the wrap were always tripping me up. Plus, I was worried about wrapping when I was out and about because I would drag it over the ground and through puddles.

Baby ktan

When I saw somebody at a conference with a Baby K’tan, I immediately asked what it was (I was about 6 weeks pregnant with B at the time and knew I needed one!) It’s a wrap without the required wrapping. It’s so easy to put on that I didn’t have to watch a video, and read the manual several times. I looked at the pictures and put B in it the day after she was born! (If only she would take that paci now).

newborn in baby k'tan

She went straight to sleep and I was able to eat dinner with the entire family (I think every mom knows how awesome having a hot meal with your family is!)

I used the same Baby K’tan Baby Carrier for our very first family walk. It was so easy to put the wrap on (sort of like a t-shirt at first), and then put her in. She snuggled right in and went straight to sleep.

newborn in baby k'tan

I also tried out the Baby K’tan with E. After all, she loves to be worn, and loves to take a selfie, too (she actually took this picture).

toddler in the baby k'tan

And, i have the oldest to thank for this one. It was a little harder to get E in it because she’s so tall, but she was very cooperative, and let me slip her right in. As soon as she was safely in the wrap, she snuggled right up to me, too and said “thank you, mommy” and then I melted.

toddler in the baby k'tan

She’s pushing 30 pounds but was pretty comfy in the carrier. I think she will be a really good fit in one of the hip carries as well.

alternative Baby k'tan carries

Baby K’tan also sells other accessories, like this adorable “wear me” shirt. It’s 6 months, so it won’t quite fit B, but I can’t wait to put it on her. As well as the K’tanCloth which can serve as a burp cloth, a stroller cover, a nursing cover or even a mini blanket. Plus, it matches all of the Baby K’tan carriers.

Baby K'tan accessories

Baby K tan One Pager

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Baby K’tan wants to send one winner a Baby K’tan carrier, t-shirt and Baby K’tanCloth. Also, one winner will received a t-shirt and Baby K’tanCloth.

Congrats to winners Diana and Araceli!

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  1. I love wearing my babies. I told my husband the other day I wanted another carrier (I have 3 already) he asked me why, how long can I really wear my youngest (19 months). I snapped back “she is the last one! I’ll wear her forever.” Ha! I’m seriously going to miss wearing babies.

  2. well i love the eggplant color but think the sage green would probably be a better choice. the hubby would be more likely to wear it. and i don’t know if i’d be putting a boy or girl in it so…

  3. Lindsay Coffman says:

    Heather grey is pretty.

  4. I look like a mummy in the Moby, so I totally need this!!

  5. I’d go with the sage green, just in case we decide to have more kiddos and end up with a boy! (and apparently I’m terrible at following instructions, haha)

  6. I just bought a b’jorn because, well, that’s what I used with the last two kids! But I researched (after the fact) and have read that these “crotch carriers” aren’t good for baby’s hips! SO, now I want a soft sling. I definitely will be wearing baby girl all the time!

  7. Lura Staffanson says:

    I wish they had gad those when I had my babes.

    1. Lura Staffanson says:

      My computer froze up when I tried to change gad to had in my last post. Oh well… Did you know what I meant anyway? Sure wish I had had one of those.

  8. Heather B. says:

    I like the basic black. I loved wearing my baby.

  9. I’d pick the denim color – love it!

  10. I liked the Moby when Logan was smaller but I agree…it’s difficult to put on and kind of takes too long when you have a crying baby. I must get us one of these. I love that even almost 2 year old E likes it.

  11. I love their eggplant color. I might choose that one! Love the photos of you and your bitty baby – so precious!

  12. I’d pick the tan/khaki color for sure.
    Wanted to try this brand of carrier for a while. Due in March and excited to wear my lil lady.

  13. tasha wilkerson says:

    I love the eggplant color!

  14. sooo cute!! but random sidenote – miss e can not be about to turn two?!?!

    just not possible!

  15. grandma pat says:

    i can’t believe E can fit in it. Looked very easy to use when I was there and you had B in it.

  16. I’d choose the black breeze. Do you think it’ll make me look slimmer post baby? Ha!

  17. Uli Ingram says:

    I would choose the eggplant color. Very pretty.

  18. Mary Clements says:

    Def need the sage green or eggplant!!

  19. joanna garcia says:

    i would love the natural organic!

  20. Jessica Gazsi says:

    Eggplant probably!

  21. I like the eggplant or the sage green.

  22. Jeanie Payne says:

    I’d choose eggplant.

  23. I’d choose the heather grey!

  24. Teresa Honores says:

    i would pick the heather grey!

  25. Melissa J Armijo says:

    Eggplant of course 🙂

  26. Faith Dew says:

    This is really nice, we’re expecting our 8th grandchild and this would be awesome as I just don’t have the strength in my hands any more to hold even an infant.

  27. I’ve been wanting one of these! I like the colors Natural Organic and Heather Grey best. 🙂

  28. I would get Heather Grey.

  29. I would pick ‘heather grey.’ Your review really nailed it…I agree with everything you wrote. I want a carrier that doesn’t have a long tail to drag along/get in the way and one that was simple to use and put on. I have done quite a bit of research and this one seems to be the best that meets my needs. Thanks for a great review!

  30. Allie Tuck says:

    Heather gray is my fave. But I like the organic cream one as well. Nice and neutral 🙂

  31. I would choose eggplant

  32. Gina Hiskes says:

    I love the Heather gray! It’s very neutral, my husband would probably wear it and not mind.

  33. Liberty Thompson says:

    I would absolutely love the Heather Grey color the best!

  34. I like the Sage Green.

  35. Stephanie B says:

    What a great wrap! I’d go with the heather gray.

  36. Judith Martinez says:

    I’ve seen these but never tried one. They look very clever. I wish I’d had access to better babywearing info. with my first! I started with a ring sling 19 years ago when I had my 2nd and it made a huge difference!

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