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My wonderful, sweet, darling husband had Bible Study at our house last night. And, they were talking about me. And, Mr. Serious was teasing me about my blog. Thinking it was funny that I typed the letters “IRL,” used Rachel’s word tonguegasmic, and had a blogoversary.

But, really, he’s just jealous, right? Jealous of me having all of my lovely friends out there? And, he just wishes that he could say good morning/good afternoon to so many people? Right? I think of many of the people that I “know” from my blog as friends and if we lived near each other, we would meet up frequently. I mean, we know each others kids, jobs, hobbies, etc.

So that got me thinking. What do your spouses/significant others/parents thing about your blog/blogging? Do they encourage you? Do they read your blog?

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  1. Mr. Serious is definitely jealous! HI Mr. S!! My family reads my blog as its a great way for them to keep updated on our lives since we live 1000 miles away. The hubby reads my blog too and thinks its an addiction but doesn’t really understand. He is supportive and a computer nerd so he has his addictions too!

  2. Funny you should ask. Just yesterday my oldest sister wrote me an email wondering if I was really wanting to air some of the things I air. In particular she was talking about remarks made about my mother. I felt my face flush red and hot – like getting called out in grade school – I think she might be right. Now I am confused – I guess what I am embarrassed about is sending them occasional links about family stuff when they clearly don’t read it – it makes them uncomfortable for me to use such a public forum.
    Lesson learned – don’t send them links.

  3. Your hubby is gettin’ the blogging itch-you never know, you might see him doing it soon! haha 🙂
    My Hubby thinks it’s a good thing-you can check out where HE actually logged in and wrote me a sweet blog (grammer or something is the title I think!).
    Family-I don’t think they check it out that much-I have some family from far away that really does read it, so they can keep up with us,but local family-i don’t think so!
    Friends love it-they check on me this way to make sure I’m doing good!
    BTW-if we lived close, I think we’d be hangin’ out all the time! We’re cool like that!

  4. I think Mr. Serious is totaly jealous, that’s it exactly!!!

    I actually just asked Mr. Wonderful yesterday if he reads my blog and he said he does often and that he likes it.

    I bet Mr. Serious loves it and that’s why he teases!!!

    You rock!!

  5. I agree Jealous!!!! My Husband so does not really like MY BLOGGING or that I have a blog and I have so many restrictions that he asked me not to mention like his job, our boys and NO pics of our boys…HMMM broke a few of those rules huh…LOL You guys are adorable family I bet he is completely in AWE of your BLOGGING the truth be known!!!!

  6. My hubby just reads it to make sure I’m not doggin’ him. Although he does occasionally compliment on something particular witty or emotional.

  7. Alex totally makes fun of me for blogging…but he also checks the blog numerous times a day and comments! lol. I’ve been convinced for sometime now that he’s jealous of all my social circles. 😉

  8. He just laughs at me. I think he likes that I blog because it gives me an outlet when the kids are driving me nuts.

  9. P reads my blog from the carrier, which is one reason why I put so many pics on it. He never comments on the blog, but he will email me after I post. 🙂

  10. Blogging is a new thing for me and I am addicted to reading other people’s blogs. So many amazing people out there…its really fascinating. My hubby gets annoyed by it sometimes. He’s not used to me being on the laptop so much, so I really try to limit myself. My Mom reads daily, but it took her about 6 months to get into it as the concept of blogging was new to her. My sisters also read daily and one even started her own blog. I love it. And I so enjoy yours! 🙂

  11. I think Mr. Serious probably doesn’t care either way…in a nice way, of course.

    My family knows about my blog, and so does my boyfriend, but I’m CERTAIN that he doesn’t read it. I just don’t know why! I always feel weird talking to him because I’ll say things like, “Oh, there’s this girl whose blog I read and she said that…” I feel like he’s always looking at me thinking…

    (you guessed it)

    Really, are YOU serious?!

  12. He doesn’t mind it, but he doesn’t care to read it anyways… I can’t keep anything in… so he always knows what I’m thinking anyways. No need to read it! lol

  13. Brian thinks I am weird whenever I say “my blog friend…” he thinks its weird that I have ‘blog friends’… but funny how he reads my blog everyday! along with my sisters! haha I think he is jealous just like Mr. Serious! They only wish they could have the wide aray of friends 🙂 I love my blogging world friends!!

  14. In my house, I always hear- ” MOMMMM! Do not blog about this!” LOL! My husband reads my blog and every once in a while will comment!

  15. Good question! Some of my family members and friends totally get it, but others just make fun of me. One of my sister’s pokes fun of me for it, but I notice that he reads daily…it is such a great way for her to keep up with us especially since she lives 3 hours away. My husband reads it too, our work schedules are so different that it may be days before we can actually have a meaningful conversation so my blog is a way to see what me and Carter have been up to and funny things that Carter does and says during those crazy days. My aunt and one of my IRL friends have also started a blog recently…so they are beginning to understand how great blogging really is!

    Oh, by the way Mr. Serious to totally jealous!

  16. hubby knows and reads daily. my lil brother that lives in nyc knows. the rest of the family is a big no. and then bc i have a big mouth some of my irl friends know. but honestly i wish they didn’t. make sense?

    and yes mr. serious is jealous. as he should be. your coolness factor is through the roof 🙂

  17. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    Tony reads, every single day. He makes comments if I don’t blog often, he suggests stories to tell, and comments fairly often.

    BUT-he loves to poke at me when in public because I am kinda shy about the whole thing. And most definitely do not want anyone in my town knowing I blog.

  18. My hubby started out first (secretly) reading my blog. Then I think jealousy hit and he wanted his very OWN blog. He does not update it nearly as often as me, but she still uses it. I love that!

    And not all my friends know of my blog. OR they know OF it but not where it is. I also do NOT share it with my family (although I’ve been tempted to tell my mom). I use it as a venting board sometimes for family (and sometimes friends) so telling them about it, I’d have to censor it a bit. The friends that DO read all had blogs long before moi, they are the reason I started one of my own!

  19. Clearly he is jealous! CLEARLY!!

    And yes we would totally meet up IRL. I am sure of it!!

    All my family knows of the blogging and support it. Heck it is the only way they get to “see” the kids on a regular basis!

    Have a great day friend!

  20. That’s so funny! Mr. Cup always reads my blog, but rarely comments! He does tease me because I ALWAYS say, “This is going on the blog.”

  21. My husband reads before I post, every time. I find errors when I read it outloud to him.

    I told one friend, a year ago, about my blog and it spread by word of mouth. Now, just about everyone I know, checks in every once in a while.

  22. my husband teases me too! my mom thinks its cool that I have a blog and my friends (IRL) think it’s cool too! so yeah out husbands are jealous 🙂

  23. Totally jealous & constantly complaining about how much money it costs him. But, he also realizes how much I enjoy it, so he doesn't complain TOO much.

  24. Oh my husand thinks it’s a huge waste of time and makes fun of me mercilessly. I am essentially a “closet blogger” to the people I know in real life. They are just too negative about it!

  25. My friends think it’s odd, just because they are into facebook and myspace and nothing else. My parents (OUR parents) read it, I guess, but I don’t think they see how much I enjoy it and look forward to it! People that do see it love the way it works…my sister is pretty awesome! David, well, he is not a significant other, but kinda close, and he refuses to look at it anymore. Loooong story!

  26. Pretty sure they all think I’m WEIRD, and I’ll bet they wish I would stop talking about all of these people I “know” online.

  27. I think my husband kind of likes it. He had his work friends all look at it one day. He just doesn’t want me talking about him too much.

  28. J-e-a-l-o-u-s.
    I have one family member that reads occasionally, but most of them don’t know about it.
    My husband read it when I started, but now I think he forgets. That could be a good thing cause I tend to get embarrassed about it. He will ask if I’m gonna blog about something like if we go to a new restaurant or if Ava does something funny.
    He does, however, think I read other blogs too much. Hey, can I help it if I have several I like to keep up with? 🙂

  29. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    My hubby reads it occassionally when he has time (translation: never). Then again, that’s about how much I have been spending on my blog too! 🙂

  30. haha he is SO jealous! You know he secretly loves it!!

    Mr S doesn’t mind. He’s glad I feel connected with people..here in MB I don’t really know many people. I moved here, met him, spent all my time with him, and then we got married. So I never made many friends here 🙁 So anyway he’s good with it, but he hasn’t really been able to see it! So that may change when he gets home! And really no one else knows about it..except my sister and she likes it!

  31. Sparkette says:

    My boyfriend loves my blog! He isn’t a computer guy so I have to tell him when I have posted something that I want him to look at. But he loves reading it 🙂 Although sometimes he thinks I am cray because I will sit here and just read and not do anything else…LOL!

  32. My hubs thinks it’s cute. He’s always coming up with ideas for me to blog about and crazy pictures for me to post. He loves it!

  33. The hubs could care less. He sometimes gets all “Are you going to blog about this?” He is somewhat scared that I’m going to discuss our personal life I guess. My mom reads but never comments. She is waiting for the day that I drop an F-Bomb and she has to crawl under the table. She said she gets worried because she never knows what I’m going to say. My grandparents read too. This is weird. First, because they are old and I can’t believe they know how to turn a computer on. Second, because I’m sure they think my parenting sucks. I mean they would NEVER let their child drink from an non-sterilized bottle or suck on a non-sterilized paci. They use to boil bottles everyday. Anyway, all in all everyone is supportive.

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