Read my little baby ticker…up top, yeah, that’s it. Right now, it says 97 days left! Holy expletive!! Where did this pregnancy go?

I can’t believe how fast it’s going for me! Or, how big my butt is getting.

I should take a picture today. I have one from my daughter at exactly 26 weeks and 1 day, but I feel like crap today. I’ve got a cold or some sort of infection…I didn’t even get out of my jammies today….and I napped when my daughter napped. Maybe I’ll see if hubby can strategically take a picture of my belly without revealing all of that. Or, maybe I’ll just snap one tomorrow and be a day off!

And, who are you 21 people that have voted boy?!?!? Seriously, I should take a picture of the rear-end of me. Maybe then, you would think otherwise. My booty did get quite big with Ms. #1! Any of you mamas to boys get a big booty? Because everything in me is leaning towards girl!! Although, hubby is convinced it’s a boy!


Also, totally unrelated, but a friend and her mom are starting up a new business. They are making nursing wraps in the most adorable fabrics as well as some local University themed ones! I will have to get myself one. So, head on over to Mama Joy & Co. and send them some love and encouragement! I’m sure they’d love to hear from you! And, buy a nursing wrap for yourself or a friend.

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  1. I’m so sorry that you are not feeling well today. I wish that I could be there to help you. I’d love to play with your little one while you rest. Since I am too far away to help I’ll just send you a bloggy (((hug)))

    Hope you feel better soon

  2. Your pregnancy does seem to have flown by this time – probably because we’ve both been so busy with toddlers to occupy most of our time! Hope you feel better soon!! And I was one of the 21 that voted Boy – so you are probably right in thinking it’s a girl since I am always wrong.

  3. I don’t think I have ever heard a pregnant woman say that the pregnancy is flying by. At least I know I never did!! Seems like I was pregnant for years! Well I guess when you add them all up, I was 😉 Hope you get to feeling better!

  4. I hope you end up feeling a bit better tomorrow! I say take the pic tomorrow, no one will nit’s a day off. 😉

    And I voted ‘boy’! It’s just a feeling I have…

    …P.S. in regards to my blog today…when I read your comment in regards to it, my eyes totally widened. THAT pleasant thought never even entered my head! LOL

  5. Yeah…the pregnancy seemed to go by pretty fast for me too the 2nd time…after all – you’re spending 90% of your time running after and taking care of your first kid. 🙂

  6. wow! in the double digits now till Izzy is officially a big sister! I haven’t voted yet…but I’m leaning towards girl too.

  7. So sorry to hear that you are feeling yucky!! Hope you continue to get rest while Izzy is resting. I think that is very wise my dear friend.

    And I was a boy voter! And for the record, I got WAY bigger with Cade than I did with Anya. As in 10 more pounds! So there still is hope!

  8. OOO you exposed a secret of MOTHERHOOD and that was passed on to me from so manny MOMMY Friends! R U WONDERING? Take a Nap when your BABY DOES! I have been told that is exactly what needs to be done! DO it with IZ! Do it when the new baby arrives! YOU deserve to sleep when they sleep! REST and who says you need to get out of PJ…haven’t you seen how some people wear their PJ’s to the MALL. I voted for boy because well since you have a girl already…hoping for you to get that little boy this time. That was my reasoning…lol

  9. isn’t it crazy? one day it feels like the baby is never going to come and then the next your like oh my goodness only 97 more days!!

    being preggers really is a wild ride!

    hope you are feeling better today 🙂

  10. I think a picture today will be fine! I hope you start to feel better this weekend..that sucks being pregnant and sick 🙁 I voted BOY!! (and yes, my butt got big w/ my boy..lol) I cant believe how far along you are either!!!

  11. Well, I have three boys and my butt got big each time. But then again I have a big old ghetto bootie blaster to begin with. ??

    Hope you feel better!

  12. No big booty for me…I was all belly. So, maybe it’s another girl! And you should definitely take a picture soon. It feels like forever since we’ve had a good side shot.

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling well and hope you get over whatever it is quickly.

  13. It is always crazy when you hit counting down with double figures. Time just flies then.

    I too hope your daughter doesn’t develop my childs art skills.

  14. Hope you get to feeling better!!!! Poor girly!!!

    Hey.. when I had my son.. I was big EVERYWHERE… and he was 11lbs.. Ü My daughter… HA! You couldn’t even tell I was pregnant til the end!!
    ( I haven’t voted though)!!

    97 days will fly by!!!

  15. I hated when I had pregnancy days liek that, hope you are feeling better soon.

  16. Sorry to hear you are not feeling so well.
    You are certainly entitled to a few days of lounging in your pj’s and napping with Izzy.
    You are growing a baby for heavens sake!
    Today you could have made a lung.
    Take it easy and feel better soon.

  17. I love nursing wraps. I loved nursing my boys. I miss that! Of course, it’s great having my boobies back, I thought I was going to nurse forever, butthere is something so sweet and wonderful about nursing I’ll always remember.

  18. I think Google ate my comment!

    I’m so glad your pregnancy is going by fast (because that means you must be doing well).

    I miss nursing. Congrats to your friends on their new business!

  19. aww, sorry you felt bad 🙁 I’m sure your booty only looks that big to you!!! At least you had the day to rest!!

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