What’s His Name?


If you ask #1 what her toys’/stuffed animals’/babies’ names are….she’ll tell you.

But, she’ll give you a look like you are crazy.

Me: “#1, what is your bunny’s name?”

#1: looking very quizzical “Bunny!”

Me: “#1, what is your whale’s name?”

#1: again looking very quizzical, “Whale!”

Me: “#1, what is your baby’s name?”

#1: “Baby!”

I’m not sure what this says, but it cracks me up every time.

She is also starting to pretend with her animals and toys. It is adorable.

One night, she threw her bunny, then told him to be careful, gave him a kiss and told him all better! She is such a little mommy.

Yesterday, in the car, she shared her “cookies” with her bunny. She kept telling him to open his mouth.

I couldn’t break it to her that she was going to have a hard time getting him to open his mouth.

And, I think if I would have told her that, she certainly would have found a way to open his mouth. She is ever defiant and trying to prove me wrong.

Oh, trouble ahead.


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  1. So cute! My Punky plays like that all the time. She was just over 2 when I asked her what she wanted to name her baby…”COCO!” she proudly exclaimed. That baby has been Coco ever since. To this day I have no idea where Coco came from!

  2. She probably would have found a way to get that cookie in there, hehehe!

  3. Yours and mine both = trouble ahead I think!

    I’m cracking up that she threw the bunny and then told HIM to be careful. Hahaha!

  4. I totally agree w/ Steph…I was hysterical thinking about her throwing the bunny!!
    What a cute little imagination!!

  5. I love reading about Izzy’ adventures because it gives me a heads up or it is the same thing Kenley is doing. Kenley has just started doing this as well. Today she insisted on giving her fake doggie a real doggie treat.

  6. True story: Once I shoved a Thin Mint in my stuffed elephant’s “mouth.” Then I cried until my mom took it to the dry cleaners.

    Oh, then once I stuffed peanut butter on my doll’s face.

    Look where it got me 🙂

  7. haha – I cracked up! Stephanie used to do that with our pets – we had a cat named Kitty and 2 horses, Brownie and Blonde… real creative! haha

    at least she gave her bunny a kiss after she threw him! 🙂

  8. How cute!

    I love watching/listening to Carter to play…I hear things come out of his mouth that I say all the time and it makes me giggle. He really cracks me up when we are playing basketball and I miss a shot, he encourages me just like I do with him. So funny!

  9. Isn’t so much fun! These are the greatest moments of dicovery for you as a parent along with HER!

    YOU will love this…I am MOMMA KANGAROO…that is what my little one calls…lol lol lol

  10. Isn’t it cute! BG has started playing pretend too and it kills me. She will be screaming help help and then go rescue the dolly. I love it.

  11. so funny and so cute friend 🙂

    i love that she is pretending!! such a fun age!

  12. haha!
    That’s funny. My boys are the same way and are not very original with naming their animals. 😉

  13. That is so cute! I babysit this little girl sometimes, man she has such beautiful red hair! She is going to be such a heartbreaker! Anyway, she has a collection of My Little Pony’s, and if the pony has rainbow on it she will name it Rainbow. If the pony had a star on it, its name was Star. So adorable!

  14. Mrs de Miranda says:

    There are a lot of commenters named Stephanie!! haha!

    Izzy is soo cute! I love imagination!!! Playing pretend was so fun! I was a my little ponies girl!

  15. Your Izzy is just adorable. What a cutie.

    My little sister always called her stuffed animals by their name when she was little. Her monkey was named Monkey. Her bull was named Bully. and so forth.

    I had weird names for mine.

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