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What’s in a name?


My name is a quandary to most. Well, I guess I should say the spelling of my name.

When, they hear it or see it, they say “oh, how unique” or “isn’t that pretty” or “wow, two ‘y’s.”

My response “Yeah, my mom hates me!”

Seriously. Every single time I have to spell my name out, I wonder what the heck my mom was thinking (sorry mom, love you, but the spelling? It’s a little crazy!).

Over the phone is the best.

I call any company; the doctor’s office, credit card company, friend to leave a message and this is pretty much how it goes.

Person on the phone: What is your name?
Me: Krystyn Lastname (which is very easy to spell)
POTP: Is that with a ‘c’ or a ‘k.’
Me: option 1 :K. (If I’m feeling snarky, that’s all I give them…it’s a fun game!)
option 2: Let me spell it for you. K-R-Y-S-T-Y-N.
Me: No, K-R-Y-S-T-Y-N.
Me: No, two ‘y’s, there are two ‘y’s.
POTP: So, it’s K-R-Y-Y-S-T-E-N.
Me: No, not two ‘y’s in a row. There are no vowels. Just ‘y’s in place of the ‘i’ and ‘e.’
POTP: Oh, okay, I get it. K-R-Y-S-T-Y-N. Oh, how unique.
Me: grumbling Yes, yes it is.

If it isn’t important, I just tell them to spell it however they want. After correcting people for 28 twenty-one years, I’m over it!

And for the record…the best mispronunciation of my name? Cry-stein! Yep. And, that was a counselor at my school in high school. That knew me. 4 years! At least she helped me get a rocking scholarship. (A close second is Christine.)

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  1. LOL!! I always am catching myself spelling your name correctly in emails. lol And I so know what you mean when it comes to being over it, Tara is apparently hard to figure out as well. Nothing like being called Tar A most of your life. Makes for a good excuse of identity crisis though.

  2. Totally know what you mean! My maiden name was the same way! It was a 30-minute spelling debate that always ended with me explaining its Polish origin and then subsequent butchery when my ancestors came through Ellis Island. Which still didn’t explain why the name had a silent “J” and sounded like a very common girls name. Which then led everyone to make the comment, “Wow. You have two first names.” Yeah, I know.

  3. I’ve been reading your posts through reader but trying to not click too much since work is tracking but this was too funny not to post. While I don’t have this problem with my first name – which is easy and simple as pie, my married name is much harder for people to comprehend.

    And for the record, I love the spelling of your name. I love the unique-ness. Hence, Karys. 🙂

  4. People botch my name too! I get Tania the most by people who have known me a long time and other goofy variations and I thought my name was pretty simple 🙂 My favorite is when they mess it up saying it! I always get a good laugh. And the best part is all my kids have unique names and people always ask me to say their names at least twice when they meet them!

  5. I *heart* how you spell your name–seriously! Love it!

    But I kind of know how you feel–I go by my middle name….so people are always calling me by my first name and then I have to explain, no, I don’t go by that…and then they ask why and I just want to tell them–don’t ask me, ask my mother! 🙂 School was always a nightmare…

  6. It seems a lot of mother’s want their child’s name to be unique, so they opt for these creative spellings………….But yeah, I can totally understand how frustrating it must be for you.

    When choosing my son’s name, I definitely wanted a Cambodian name, but only considered names that were identifiable to Western/American eyes! Had to find something that sounded like it looks……..

  7. I guess I’m so used to seeing your name that way, I dont even think about it anymore!
    I love the spelling! (but I know how annoying it must be!)
    I get Stephany and Stefanie sometimes!
    Gotta love our high school and the teachers!! lol

  8. My middle name is Kaaren. My mom got a phone call EVERY SINGLE YEAR I went to school advising her that I didn’t know how to spell my middle name. Including the high school! As much of a pain as it is, I say embrace it!

  9. That’s too funny, Krysytyny. I can totally relate, people are constantly misspelling my name and mispronouncing it. Oh well, at least we are unique.

  10. My name is officially “Michele with one L.” Seriously, if I had a quarter for every time I have said that in my life….

  11. I love the spelling of your name, but I can see how that would be frustrating.
    For the record, I was never confused as to the pronunciation of your name. 🙂

  12. One of the big things we considered when naming Maggie (Margaret) was making sure it had a normal spelling! I even looked it up as I was filling out the birth certificate form so that I didn’t accidentally put in the wrong vowel! I love the spelling of your name – even if it were normal – there are enough goofballs out there to mess it up!

  13. Hailey is always spelled different too. I always spell it just in case. Try having a weird ass last name like Lafone with it. I have to explain… “It’s La and then phone… like the telephone. Lafone.”

  14. I never had any name issues growing up but I can’t tell you how many people call Melody “Melanie” despite the fact that
    1. I say Melody clearly,
    2. I correct people after saying Melody clearly they still call her Melanie. And then half the time they call her Melanie anyways!

    Do you have to spell Isabelle’s name for people a lot?

  15. My goodness! See, I’m all about the unique spelling and I really like yours, but I don’t know if I want to put my future children through that!

  16. ha! I can imagine people have a rought time of it. I know a lot of people ask me to spell MY name…

  17. I have people call me Daniel all the time. Do I look like a guy? I sure hope not! I have gotten to the point too where if it is not important I just answer to Daniel…takes too much time and energy to spell it out and they usually get confused somewhere in the l’s.

  18. I love the spelling of your name, it’s so unique and gives it character. But I can imagine people getting confused (and I can imagine that being frustrating!)

  19. Oy! How annoying. I have similar problems with my name (because it’s short for other names).

  20. Yea, sometimes when parents try and get unique it just screws their kids over. My sister picked a common name for her daughter but when she spelled it she picked the funkiest way in the baby name book. I told her teachers and your kid are going to hate you.

  21. Sparkette says:

    All I gotta say is my Aunt and Uncle still spell my name Candis. Yep. 30 years and they still spell it wrong. I don’t know…

  22. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    My son’s name is VASILIS. Yes, VA-SEE-LEE.

  23. People are so funny about names and spellings. I consider my name a “no-brainer” when it comes to spelling but boy am I wrong. People often leave off the last “e” or spell it with a “y” instead of an “i”. Whatever.

  24. i just read everyone else’s comments and i forgot what i was going to say…

    not kidding.

    seriously my brain is mush!!

  25. My favorite spelling of my name is Stephaine. Hello? Anyone home? That doesn’t even make sense people!

    My youngest is getting the same thing. Her name is just very unique but I went with the traditional spelling of her name. The thing is, they call her something totally different. UGH! (not to mention they do this AND most people think she’s a boy. I’m going to get one of those bib’s that says I’M NOT A BOY!)

  26. I have to automatically spell my last name to everyone. It’s so annoying.

    My maiden was was so nice and easy, sigh…

  27. That would drive me absolutely crazy!…mine doesn’t happen as often because it’s with my middle name…it’s Aileen…It’s pronounced “I-LEAN.” (thanks mom!) and people always pronounce it “A-LEAN!!” Drives me up a wall! And when I tell someone my middle name they NEVER spell it right!! Ugh! I feel your pain, girl!!

    Love, Mere

  28. I feel your pain.

    People are ALWAYS spelling my last name wrong. Even if I’ve told them the correct spelling it’s STILL wrong to the point where I’m all, “Did you even HEAR me when I spelled it for you?”

  29. I think I can say I honestly know how you feel!!! LOL


  30. People are slow… especially over the phone.

    My kids names are uber traditional and always butchered. Seriously.

  31. I actually knew a girl in college named Krystyn, and I always loved the way she spelled it! I tagged you in a post over at my blog!

  32. I’m flummoxed.

    People really flip over your name?

    I think the spelling is pretty, unique.. sure. But, it stands out to me.

    How *do* you pronounce it? Isn’t it pronounced like the Kristen spelling?

    Now, I am intrigued

  33. I like the ys! It makes it unique, but I know that it can be frustrating. When I was single, I always got phone calls and mail to Mr. Jordan Maiden Name…I thought that might clear up when I got married, but now I just get professional correspondence for Mr. Jordan Married Name!

  34. Hey girlie! Sorry I haven’t commented in a while, I’ve been really busy! I have read, just haven’t had the time to comment.

    Oh I know exactly what you mean with the name!! Imagine going from Laura Turner (probably one of the easiest names to spell in the world) to Laura Falgout. No one understands how to spell my name when I pronounce it (it’s pronounces Fal-goo) and when they do have me spell it they never get it right. Also, all of the other Falgout’s in Louisiana spell it Falgoust. Trust me it’s a nightmare, so I completely understand! Sorry for the novel…

  35. I adore how your name is spelled.
    I like unusual spellings.
    I wouldn’t know anything about that though being how my name is spelled “Wendi” and all.
    I. get. it. all. the. time.
    Great post!

  36. I can imagine how it would be a pain in the butt. I feel the same way about telling people our address. You wouldn’t believe how LONG it is…

  37. My sister had a time with her name. Rachael. The extra A made her crazy because people NEVER remembered. She has since gotten used to it, but when she was little…shoo… And now that I have an extremely long last name, and a two parter…people just can not seem to get it. But nevertheless, I do like you name, I like the uniqueness 🙂

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