Boys are Trouble.


The setting: Our bed last night before going to sleep.

Background: I had just been to the doctor for my 16 week check up and the doctor had a hard time finding the baby…he or she is hanging out really low in my uterus.

Hubs: (rubbing my belly) I love this baby.
Me: You need to rub lower, remember the baby is much lower.
Hubs: You know, they say, boys are carried lower.
Me: Who is they?
Hubs: People.
Me: Oh.

silence for a second.

Me: Maybe that’s why I’m not horny (because it’s a boy to him).
Hubs: Why, because you’ve already got a man inside of you?

If I were drinking something, I definitely would have spit it out at him. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!!!!

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  1. Oh Matt!!! Hahahaha! I’m cracking up! That was so something Tim would say. It MUST be a boy thing. I love it!

    I agree, if I would have been sipping my coffee while reading, I would have spit it out laughing.

  2. That is just hilarious. Boys are something else.

  3. Ha! I just snorted at my desk at work at that one!

  4. I literally was laughting out loud just now! That is freaking hilarious!! Men are too funny! (and for the record, my vote is a boy!)

  5. The Gerster Family says:

    LOL! I totally don’t know where guys pull this stuff from. When I was first pregnant the doctor thought it was a boy. My husband actually had a little bit of a crisis over the fact that there was another guy inside of me. I couldn’t stop laughing because his thought process was so random!

  6. O tooo funny! To to to funny!

    My husband told our infant son when he was born…Son you tried for Nine months to get out and for the rest of your life you will be trying to get back in!

  7. Anonymous says:

    WOW! Go Papa Bear! So very proud!!!!

  8. I hope the baby gets HIS sense of humor.


  9. Jennifer-Colley says:

    AHHH I totally did not know that you were pregnant!!! How exciting! so I am assumming that you are not going to find out right?

  10. HAHAHAHA thats something that if a guy was around he would die laughing… and like you said, if you were drinking… but man, they get so proud of themselves!! haha what a boy! hahaha

  11. HOPE your MONDAY was NICE up there as it was down here in Savannah!

  12. I am new to your blog:) That was funny. My hubby would have said that to.

  13. Well, obviously that was NOT the case! HA HA HA!

    Your hubs and mine would get along swimingly…

    Thanks for linking up! : )

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