Can you see me now?


So…how do you like the new digs?  I hope that I’ve set it up right and you all make it over here. 

Let me know…how did you get here?  Are you a GFC (it’s at the bottom now)?   Or just a subscriber?  You might want to check and make sure you update it all so that you can continue to get your fill of Really, Are You Serious?

So, welcome.  I hope you enjoy.

I’m also working on a Road Trip Event.  More details to come early next week!



  1. Love the new digs! Makes me want to switch to WP….hmmmmmm

  2. Oooh I love it! It seems much brighter and roomier. And more ‘user friendly’, like easier to access things, especially comments. Was it easy to set up?

  3. Yay! Love your new digs!

    I’m a GFC person and am so excited that you still showed up in my reader. Usually, when someone makes the switch, I have to go find them, unfollow from GFC and then follow again to get it to show up in my reader.

    Did you make the move by yourself or did someone help you? I am thinking of making the move, but I only want to do it if I can bring my GFC people with me- and not just have it show up and look like they are there, but have them still get my feed.

    Anyway- CONGRATS!

  4. Love it! It’s clean, bright and adorable all at once (which I think is really hard to do, but you did it!).

  5. The new blog rocks. I just realized your ad section is titled student loan money… Nice!

  6. I LOVE it!!! I love the bright clean new look!!!

  7. oh man. I like it a lot. But we CANNOT switch to WordPress!

  8. Managed Chaos says:

    Looks fabulous, Krystyn!

  9. How on earth did you make it so it would still show up on the blogger reader?? You aren’t using blogger are you? I absolutely love the layout and domain!!

  10. Looks fabulous!! I love it! I have many questions for you about your own at wordpress. I use the free wordpress and love it. I am trying to convince my husband about a

  11. Oh my gosh I love it! I love that your address bar thing goes into the background – and the whole thing is just so fun!

  12. Welcome to wordpress!!
    Looks like you have my fav plugins already, yay for comment luv and the twitter one too! Your colors are too cute and the heading is fun too. Congrats on the move! Did you move yourself?

    1. Thanks, Alex…I tend to agree…but I’m quite biased.

  13. Looks awesome! I guess I should say, welcome to the dark side. 🙂

  14. I don’t know what happen but I tried to leave a comment tell you how awesome your new site was and something went wrong. Try again. 🙂

  15. seeing all these nice comments (from GFC no less!) makes my heart sing. Yipppeee! Glad we could work together on this one!

  16. I love it! I follow you with google reader. How was it switching over? I am thinking about making the jump myself.

  17. I love it!! The new look is fabulous!!! I am GFC but I re-subscribed just in case. I’m not sure if I needed to & maybe your posts will show up twice in my reader now but whatever! haha Congrats on making the switch, I’ve heard it’s difficult.

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