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Our oldest has only had one professional hair cut (it was on our back to school list when she went to kindergarten). And, our second, almost kindergartener hasn’t had a professional one.

However, they got their second and first haircut respectively right before we left for Disneyland. You see, there was a little care with a little bug that starts with L and, I can’t say the rest. So, around 10pm on a Friday night, we found ourselves using a special shampoo and those ridiculously tiny combs. With their curly hair, we weren’t getting anywhere. And, they had been begging for a haircut.

So, I did what any rational mom would do. I cut their hair on my own.

And, they couldn’t have been happier!

hair cut

Of course, they are both in need of professional hair cuts…and I’m down to the wire…school starts Monday.

I’ve done our back to school supply shopping for two kids. Not including back packs, it was almost $150!! For two kids! And, we still haven’t purchased any new clothes or had their hair cut.

What’s crazy is that many teachers will spend their own small fortune on their classrooms every year (an average of $1000). Great Clips is working to help out with this. When you download the Online Check-In app (this service lets you add your name to the waiting list at your local Great Clips salon. It’s not an appointment – what it does is let you add your name to the list before arriving at the salon to help save you time.), they will help out teachers throughout the US and Canada. With every download, Great Clips will contribute to AdoptAClassroom[dot]org (up to $20,000) to help continue to support teachers and students.

And,if you upload your own back-to-school supplies list, you will be entered for a chance to win. Every day, one lucky winner will get their school supplies bought and shipped to their front door for free!

So, consider downloading the app and getting your name on the list, saving you time, and check out Great Clips for their back-to-school pricing for haircuts (may differ by location). #GREATLIST contest entrants receive a $2-off Great Clips coupon with their confirmation email the first time they submit a school supply list. One coupon per customer.

Hair cut

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  1. My mom ALWAYS had a bottle of that shampoo, replacing it every time is expired. Thankfully we never had to use it! Red doesn’t have much of a school supplies list, but we desperately need some new markers and crayons just for us!

    1. Lucky! Most of the supplies for Kindergarten are classroom things…papertowels, wipes, bandaids, reams of paper, ziploc baggies, forks? spoons? It’s a little crazy!

    1. I admit, if I had boys, I’d probably cut their hair:) I do my hubby’s!

  2. We don’t have many school supply needs either since we’re in pre-k, but the craft demands sometimes get out of hand.
    I’d rather give the school an extra $20 a year so I’m not searching for weird-sized jars or muslin.
    Pardon the rant.
    But I love the haircuts!

    1. I’m much better at doing the money thing, too. I honestly wish the school would do supplies for a set rate and have them all there. I have no idea how I’m going to get the two giant boxes of supplies up to the school with 4 kids in tow!

  3. Great Clips is always where I go for hair cuts. I’m a simple girl with a simple style so I’d go there for an affordable trim!

  4. I LOVE that they are giving back to the community like that… What a great thing to do!
    (and I totally feel ya on the back to school list!)

  5. Vicky @ Mess For Less says:

    I am loving this promotion!

  6. I have a crazy list for both 1st grade and preschool. Haircuts are actually in the list for both. If we follow through, it’s going to be the babies first haircut.

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