How a free show wasn’t free.


Mr. Serious always checks his pockets like a million times. Wallet Keys? Phone?

But, this day was different.

He was coming back in town from a trip to Alabama and I asked him to meet us downtown for a movie. Of course, he wasn’t dressed to attend a sneak peek at a new movie, but he came in his warm up pants anyways.

He did about 15 pocket checks while we were there, but he was thrown off by two things.

  1. He left his phone in the car.
  2. He had on warm up pants with only side pockets.

So, when I saw the standard pocket check and a little concern on his face, I asked. He told me he left his phone in the car.

But…later he realized, he did not have his wallet. After we walked around Atlantic Station, and after we left the movie theater.

I tried not to panic. I tried to remain calm. It’s just a wallet. It’s just money.

However, our address is in there, with pictures of our kids. I’m always paranoid that somebody is going to get them. And, I panicked (just a little bit). I quickly recovered.

I ran back to the movie theater and got to go back inside. The guys cleaning had just walked out in front of us. Of course, they hadn’t seen the wallet. The wallet I know good and well fell out of his side pocket in the theater.

I looked in the bathroom, at the candy store.



We left our number at the theater. Please call us if it shows up.

I pulled out our debit card and HSA cards (thank goodness we are credit card free, or that would have been super stressful) and got the numbers and got on the phone to cancel them on my way to the car. Thankfully, they hadn’t been used.

That evening, we went home and ordered Mr. Serious a new wallet.

lost wallet...found

And, figured out how to get him to work with no bus pass and no driver’s license. He decided to drive to work without his license. He couldn’t even go to the DMV because, wouldn’t you know, they are closed on Mondays.

The nice lady at work replaced his bus pass. The bank, of course replaced his debit card. The HSA company (our health savings account) charged us a whopping $12 to replace the card (and we pay a monthly fee, what a joke).

I called the theater about 6 times the next morning. On the last call, THEY HAD HIS WALLET.

What they didn’t have? The $30+ in cash that was in there. Talk about a steep finder’s fee.

Thank goodness he ended up driving. Thank goodness the DMV was closed. He was able to drive over to the theater after work, and didn’t waste a morning at the DMV paying for a new license.

The cost of our free movie show? $30 cash + $15 wallet + $12 HSA card.

But, not having to wait at the DMV and having the pictures of our kids intact? Priceless

By the way, I have a wallet for sale. Any takers?

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  1. Jessica @atl mom guide says:

    aw man I hate stuff like that! BUt glad he found it…even if it was less the $30+

    1. Bit of a bummer on humanity, right? I don’t know how somebody could live with themselves, taking money from somebody…and it’s quite obvious who that somebody is.

  2. I left my wallet at the library before, it’s the worst feeling ;(

    That *is* one expensive ‘finders fee’!

    1. It doesn’t feel good at all, and I know he felt like crap.

      I found an entire purse at the airport in the bathroom (pre 9/11). I didn’t even open it or have a thought to take the money out, I found a security guard and handed it over immediately.

  3. I’m so glad it was found. It’s lousy that someone took the cash but like you said, it could have been so much worse.

    1. Yep, exactly right. I would have liked to have that money, but I guess the finder felt like they needed it more.

  4. YAY for the wallet being found!!! Though it was definitely a steep finders’ fee, at least it was found!!

    Love, Mere

    1. Yep…happy it was found (with all of the more “important” stuff still in it).

    1. I couldn’t believe they made us pay for the HSA card. We already pay $4/month to have it.

  5. I am glad that you found it and it all turned out for the best. Losing a wallet/purse is the worst.

  6. grandma Pat says:

    Remember when the truck was broken into at Kinko’s and my purse taken. Makes your heart skip a beat for sure. Mine was also recovered minus the cash and a few attempts by a male trying to charge jewelry on one of my credit cards. It is great getting your drivers license, photos, and in my case keys back. Mine was returned to me by a great HPD officer who drove all the way to Katy at 2 am to deliver it to me. Someone had seen the thieves throw it into a trash bin and called the police. There are still some good people out there. Did Mr. Serious’ new wallet come with a chain?

    1. I do remember you telling me about that. So nice that some one saw it go into the trash can and actually went and found it.

      Nope, no chain. It was because he was wearing his warm up pants and they had a slippery side pocket (incidentally with a zipper that apparently wasn’t being used at the time).

  7. I happen to see you April’s blog and was looking for some new good blogs to read! So hello! 🙂
    I would have been super paranoid about the pics of my children as well, there are weirdo’s out there and you just never know! Glad your husband got his wallet back, WITH the pics. I can’t believe someone took to money, not a very good citizen even though they did return the wallet!

    1. Glad you stopped by! I was thinking the same thing.

      But, I think the person that returned it wasn’t the person that took the money.

  8. Oh I hate days like that! Before I convinced my fiance that Direct Deposit is a good thing, he used to cash his checks and live on cash. He had just cashed a $400 paycheck and it fell out of his pocket at TGIFridays….we got $300 back. SO mean.

    1. Wow..that’s impressive that you got $300 of $400 back!

      You are right, it’s sooo mean.

  9. I sighed with a heavy heart when you said the cash was gone. I guess someone “thought” they needed it more than you. ugh. Glad he got it back though!!

  10. I’m glad that he didn’t have a buttload of cash in there. I know you guys work on cash so it could have been really bad.

    1. Don’t you know it. That might have put me over the edge.

      Yes, it’s only money, but it’s our money that we work hard for, you know?

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