I see you


I know these are words. I worry they aren’t enough and wrong and too little too late.

I see you.

I see you crying.

I see you weeping.

I see you mourning.

I see you scared.

I see you angry.

I see you wanting more.

I’m sad and I’m heartbroken and I’m not a victim.

Alton Sterling’s family shouldn’t be mourning today. They shouldn’t have to be mourning publicly. These killings have to stop.

I’m sorry for their loss. I’m sorry for so very many losses this year. And last year. And the past years. All of them.

I’m scared for our nation’s future. This can’t keep happening. I’m scared for our children.

Not scared for my children in the same way as so many of my friends are for their children.

Not the way they worry about the way their child dresses. And the way their child behaves. And the way their child plays. And how other people see their child.

I’m scared for my friends. I’m scared for my neighbor. I’m scared for my daughter’s best friend. I’m scared for my friend’s future children. I’m scared for my brother-in-law.

And I don’t think my fear equates. I don’t think I can ever fully understand it. I am trying. I will continue to keep trying.

When one more person says the school our children goes to is “rough” I’m going to call them out. Rough? A kindergartner is rough? Is a thug? Stop making excuses for your racism.

When they say “the kids won’t look like your kids” I’m going to call them out. You are right. They don’t. And it doesn’t matter. But they hear you saying it. Your child hears it and they will grow up to be just.like.you.

Stop it. Just stop.

We need to open our eyes.

We need to cry.

We need to weep.

We need to mourn.

We need to be scared.

We need to be angry.

We need to want more.

These are loving, living human beings and this must stop.

I care.

I see you

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  1. Thank you so much for writing this post! It is great to know there is some support out there. It is really scary. I really don’t know what else to tell my children. I do know I will tell them all cops aren’t bad but it will be hard to make them believe it after all they see on television. It is just so scary.

    1. I can’t even pretend to imagine walking in your shoes and having those talks with your children. I know it has to be hard.

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