Sometimes TWO is under-represented


I remember a time when I had so very many pictures of E. After all, she was the baby and even though she was number 3, she was in her fair share. Then she started walking and talking and having an opinion about everything and I wasn’t able to get as many pictures. Or, I had to show her every.single.picture on the back of the camera or phone. And that gets old.

Now, I just sneak them and capture all of her awesomeness (and none of her ‘tude. Because there definitely isn’t any two year old ‘tude here!)


I don’t think you know you are two. I think you see yourself as at least 5 or 7. You definitely think you are as old as your sisters. Of course, you always want to be with them, to know where they are, what they are doing and how you can do it, too. But sometimes, we steal away and get to have some time together.


And, sometimes, you dress yourself and mommy doesn’t fight those battles. So, you rock your “fip-fops” with the socks. (Yes, this one will go in your senior yearbook/slideshow or whatever it is they do 16 years from now!) And you give me that look and I swear I can see you at 15. Rolling your eyes. Telling me to knock it off.


And then you quickly remind me that you are still two. And you are one of my babies. (“Pease peel banana…..noooooo…..why peel banana. Put back”) And sometimes, you remind me that you are a little bit of a bigger sister when “Baby B” (I need to get you on film saying it because your inflection is just so) is still the baby, and grabs onto your hair with the hand strength of a pit bull’s jaws.


There are definitely those fun terrible two moments, but the number of times in a day you crack me up is far greater than the number of times of all of those other emotions.

Sometimes, mommy just needs to write you a letter. And one day, a long, long time from now, you will totally understand!

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  1. I love this age. They are so much fun and the learning to talk is super cute. Mine tries to dress herself but it ends up being three shirts pulled down around her waster and my underwear around her neck like a scarf.

  2. OMG, love the last picture. Saw your comments on reading blogs on FB. I used to use google reader and since then have subscribed to some of my favorites, but I often get inundated with emails and can’t keep up. I do click through FB posts I see (like this one) 🙂

    1. Good to know FB is still sort of winning. I’m with you, google reader was my thing and I haven’t found anything as good!

  3. I love having a 2 year old but Id rather have a 5 year old so he can be in school. ROFL

    1. Oh, I’m soooo ready for the mother’s morning out to start back up. She does so much better with the structure there!

    1. Soo… did you know there was a new post, though? Bloglovin’? Just checking in?

      And, thank you!

  4. Aww.. this is so sweet. I wish I would have thought to write letters to the boys when they were that age. They like hearing stories from years gone by – which just seems like yesterday to me.

    1. Sometimes, I just get inspired. The only ones that are planned are monthly for the babies and then annually-ish for their birthdays!

  5. She’s adorable. And yes, I have one of these as well. #OhLucy has no idea she’s only 3!

    1. Funny how they grow up so much quicker! (And, yet she was my latest to walk and talk? Now, she won’t stop either!)

  6. So cute! And yes, I have 2 that are 2 right now and I SOOOO get it! 😉

  7. Well said. As the mommy of a two year old today, I can’t believe the time has passed so quickly. Mine has thought he was 3 1/2 for at least a year now. You just made me wonder how old he’s going to be now. 🙂

  8. That ponytail on top of her head is like THE cutest thing ever. 😉 What a sweetie!

  9. Your little one is beautiful! My daughter doesn’t stay still for pictures anymore and i have sneak them too!

  10. this is so sweet.. and she is a DOLL 🙂
    Well, all of your girls are

  11. The flip-flops and sock combo is just too cute! I wonder if she will have a keen fashion sense like her big sister N. She is incredibly independent and I htink it’s great! She will grow up to know exactly what she wants and go for it!

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