20/20 Baby


In graduate school, when discussing lab safety (like I didn’t know it at this point), one of the professors said “these are the two most important balls in my body!”

Excuse me?

He then pointed to his eyeballs.  Whew.

So very, very true.  I think we sometimes take our eyes for granted.

At the same time, at the ripe age of 30, after wearing glasses since 2nd grade, Mr. Serious got his most important “balls” worked on.

After looking at a green light for a while, and the doctor moving stuff on his eyes, he was done.

Seriously, like maybe 10 minutes total he was out of my site (I was only bummed that the Valium didn’t result in some fun conversations).

And, then, no more glasses!

He gets to wake up every morning and he can see.  Without glasses.  At night, he can look at his alarm clock.  He can go help the girls if they call for us.

Did I mention I’m jealous?  Jealous of perfect 20/20 vision without glasses or contacts.  A girl can dream!

perfect vision

The whole experience (minus about 48 hours of sleeping and pain because his surgery was a little different than a traditional LASIK surgery), was amazing.  Every single appointment, we saw the doctor who performed the surgery.  He took the time to get to know us (both of us) and was there every step of the way (even calling to check on Mr. Serious on the weekend and giving us his email address…and answering emails at night and on the weekends.  It was with Stephen Hamilton, MD who gives being a doctor and surgeon a good name.  He’s understanding and realistic.

I’m not getting anything for telling you this (and we paid for his surgery, too), but if you have to do LASIK in the Atlanta area, you should really check out Piedmont Better Vision! The office staff and doctors are nothing short of amazing!

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  1. Great! So glad it worked out for your husband. Mine would love to try it out because he’s blind without vision correction, but he’s kinda chicken to have surgery.

    1. Oh, he was blind, too! Well, not legally, but both of us couldn’t/can’t do anything with glasses or contacts. He was actually -6.00 in one eye. I’m -5.00. I don’t even know what it’s like to not wear glasses or contacts.

      But, the surgery. They do valium and you just go with it. My sister doesn’t relax for anything, and she had traditional LASIK with a little valium, and had no problems.

      Maybe he can at least go for a consult?

  2. I had LASIK done about 10 years ago and it was the best thing ever! Mr. Serious will LOVE it!

    1. He’s already loving it! It was supposed to be me, but taking valium while pregnant is frowned upon:)

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