Topsy’s Popcorn Review


Popcorn is a very popular snack in our house….even just air-popped and the girls are happy.  Yes, we eat healthy popcorn.  Sometimes, it’s nice to splurge, though.

Recently we received a tin of Totsy’s Popcorn and now they know that popcorn can come in delicious and savory flavors.

With lots and lots of flavor.  Our tin of popcorn came with three flavors (cheese, caramel, and cinnamon, but they also have butter as well).  Now, here’s where I make my confession…pregnancy and salty and sweet snacks seem to go way too well together.  Like way too well.  You can see that I couldn’t even take a picture before getting a hefty helping of popcorn.  I went for the cinnamon, first.

topsy's popcorn.JPG

The cinnamon is delicious.  It’s exotic and sweet and spicy.  It tastes just like a red hot was poured on the popcorn. It’s like it has a candy coating on it.

The cheese flavor?  Yummy.  It’s rich and cheesy.  This is our oldest’s favorite.  And, for good reason. It’s not too salty and is coated in orangey, cheesy goodness.

The caramel?  It’s good and crunchy with a candy coating, but of the three, it was our least favorite.  Maybe I should say 3rd favorite because it is very good, we just liked the other two flavors better.

The popcorn was delivered in a festive-wintery tin and came in perfect shape.  The box fit the tin perfectly so there was no jostling during the delivery.  This comes as no surprise because Topsy’s was the first company to sell its popcorn in the circular tins that we’re used to seeing popcorn in today.  Especially because they’ve been doing this since 1929, Topsy’s has used an original recipe that gives its popcorn an old-fashioned great taste.  They’ve got it down!

topsy's popcorn.JPG

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  1. I’m a popcorn addict, I could live the whole day eating nothing but popcorn! This is a great idea and I like the canister as well!

  2. A love for popcorn must run in the family…I love it so much I have broken 3 teeth from eating it, and refuse to give it up! Dr. Carey loves me!

  3. The cheese would probably be my favorite.

  4. i would like the cinnamon
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  5. Elisabeth says:

    Yummy! I think the cheese flavor would be my favorite!

  6. I love CHEESE!!! Cinnamon is a close second

  7. Sharon Rooney says:

    I love caramel.

  8. Patty White says:

    Caramel!! Although I love Cheese too!!

  9. I think cinnamon would be great

  10. i think cheese would be

  11. Paul Nielsen says:

    I think the cheese is probably my favorite too.

  12. Paul Nielsen says:

    I think the cheese flavor is probably my favorite too.?

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