Because 8 months and 9 months are practically the same


Sweet Baby B-

Well, fourth child syndrome hits and mommy missed your letter at 8 months. In fact, we were busy at Universal Studios on the actual 8 month date. Thank goodness Aunt Emily snapped a cute picture of you for your day.

B at 8 months old at universal studios

We got home and did your official 8 month pictures. You are fast! You wanted nothing to do with mommy being silly and everything to do with being on the move. 

8 month picture fail

We got a couple good ones. Mommy’s not super impressed with her focusing ability, so it’s a good thing you are so darn cute.

8 month photoshoot

Your crawl is hilarious. You keep one foot hiked up and on the ready to go back to sitting position. It’s always the right foot, too. And, you are pulling up on things now. Your very first time was in the bathtub and you were super surprised you did it! 

You are such a little peanut and yet so strong and independent. Well, independent as long as I am in the room. If I turn my back let the water works begin. 

You stil do your “snarf” face and it cracks us up. You are super ticklish and love to laugh. Your sisters are your favorite and you get so very excited when you see them.

You still have the two bottom teeth and I just know the top two will come in any day now. They are so very close.

9 months old, B

You also had your first fever. It got really high and after the third day, we went to the doctor where nothing was to be found. You had absolutely no other symptoms. The next day, the fever finally broke and you had a lattice-like rash. The rash + fever is the telltale sign of roseola. Check that off the childhood illness list. Between the teething and the fever, you were one sad little bear.

9 months old, B

But, even with the rash, you still managed to get in a smile on your 9 month birthday. That’s three quarters of a year! Wow!

9 months old, B

Happy 9 months to you, my little B. We love you!

(Your stats because, let’s face it, if I don’t put them here, they will be lost forever!)

weight: 15lbs 12 oz (5.5th percentile)

height: 26.5” (16th percentile)

head: 43.5 cm (35th percentile)

Unplanned, unassisted home birth

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5-ish months

6 months

7 months

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  1. Aww. That precious little peanut. What a sweetie. I hope she feels better soon and no more rash.
    Happy 9 months!

  2. Awe – that face… oh my… made me almost cry….
    So glad you do this for the girls… they are growing so fast and are all so pretty 🙂

  3. Sharon Hudson says:

    She’s so cute! Even with a fever and rash!

  4. That first picture, oh my gosh!! Her smile is SO priceless! I cannot believe it’s been 9 months…

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