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I’m not sure how we got here! 8….our baby is 8? That’s just insanity. And, the kiddo hasn’t had one “normal” school year since starting school.

But, one thing we have consistently done…get a picture in her birthplace on her birthday every year. I even made a little reel of all of our pictures over the years.

But here’s year 8’s entry. Right after opening her presents, she asked to go get her “potty picture.”

And, another phone on the window ledge to get a picture of all of us for another birthday. Yes, we are all over this nonsense.

Since last year, B has been planning her cake and giving directions to N. I think N knocked it out of the park with this mermaid and under the sea themed creation. It’s even more stunning in person!

Happy birthday, B! We’ve requested you stop growing. You’ve requested you stop growing and it still hasn’t happened. So, I guess you’ll keep getting older.

Unplanned, unassisted home birth (aka your birthday).

Here’s some of the monthly pictures I managed to get.

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What did you do this week?

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  1. N did an amazing job on that cake. Kudos to her. Love the annual “potty pics.”

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