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All of our girls have been baptized around 5-6 months. Frantically, last month, I realized I needed to get it on the books, coordinate it and get all of the family here. With various health issues and conditions going on, we weren’t sure who would be able to make it. Fortunately, my mom and Mr. Serious’ parents made the trip over for the weekend to see our fourth little girl baptized in the church. 

Forgetting to turn the flash on for my mom, the pictures from the actual baptism are blurry. But, I can’t help but love this one, still. You can see all of us, and the oldest is just so happy looking over at daddy and her sisters. It makes my heart smile. 

B's baptism

Of course, the pastor couldn’t get through the introductions without a comment about our four girls and hoping that Mr. Serious had a boy dog at home. No such luck. But, he ended that part by reminding us how blessed we are! We couldn’t agree more.

B did great. No fussing. Smiling at everybody and just being cute. E was a hoot and ended the baptism by telling our pastor “happy birthday” and then yelling “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” when she thought she was being ignored. It’s a good thing everybody says how cute she is.

(I always feel like we need to keep the girls quiet during a service when they come into the sanctuary. We had them all in the service for the baptism. Afterwards, an older couple came up to Mr. Serious and told him that we didn’t need to worry about the noise our girls were making. After all, “they are the future of our church!” I wanted to squeeze them and hug them!) 

We tried to get a family picture after the service. And, well, we just went with the best we could get. 

B's baptism

(Another side note, my mom decided to let the girls convince her to flat iron their hair for the service. When they came in with their beautiful girls all straightened out, I was very sad. I love their curls and I want them to as well!)

Mr. Serious wore the same suit for all four girls (but he interchanged the tie a couple times).

Family of 6 picture? Well, 5/6 isn’t bad to be looking, right? My sweet B wore the same gown that her sisters wore and that my cousin and guardian angel wore.

B's baptism

She fell asleep on the way home and even slept through a car to house transfer. When she woke up, she was super happy and definitely needed a picture in her gown one more time.

B's baptism

Should you want to see the others, E’s baptism, N’s baptism, and my first born’s baptism.

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  1. The first family photo is great – it looks like a fancy filter has been put on top. People pay for that kind of stuff! And the “extra” picture of B in her gown is beautiful. I had Red wear my brother’s outfit (with matching embroidered cap and bib)for his baptism!

  2. So wonderful! I loved the comment from your fellow churchgoer! Congratulations!!!

  3. Aww, she is just beautiful in the gown. I love the comment about the kids being noisy. 🙂

  4. What a gorgeous family! And that last picture is just beautiful. Congratulations to your beautiful baby girl!!! 🙂

    P.S. Our priest always tells families with babies not to worry if the babies start to cry. As he says, “If your parish isn’t crying it’s dying.” Ain’t that the truth!

  5. Adorable! And yes…may God bless baby B…and all of you!

  6. Thanks for the link-up! We have four kiddos too! Two girls and two boys. Have a great week!

  7. Happy Baptism sweet B! I love that most of her grandparents were able to be there. I like the first picture as well, Iz is just SO happy! Your dress is super duper cute. I love that all of your girls have worn Taylor’s baptism gown. So special.

  8. What a beautiful family! She looks absolutely adorable in her little white dress. My mommy and me moment this week was when my little girl graduated from VPK. It seems like a small milestone to some but as a parent I am so proud and excited for her to be taking the next step to Kindergarten!

  9. That is so sweet!!!! I have 4 and I have to agree that it is hard to get everyone looking the same direction at that age! I am hoping to join in next week.

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