Happy 6 months, baby B


Happy half a year, my sweet B. 

I feel like I was just writing E’s half a year letter, and now we are here. You really were just born. Now you are a rolling machine. Never staying where I put you. And always preferring your tummy.  You even like to sleep on your tummy or side. 

B 6 months 5

You push up so very high. We call it your cobra pose as it looks like almost all of your body is pushed up in the air.

B 6 months3

Occasionally, you let go and go all super hero! This goofy face makes me laugh. You will hold onto it for a little bit when I smile at you and then go all silly-smile! You can’t see it here, but just two days before your official 6 month birthday, your first tooth (your bottom right) popped through the skin. I’m certain the next bottom tooth is soon behind it.

Your lip-tie is causing us some issues lately. We had a consultation and the doctor said they would have to sedate you because you are too wiggly. I wish we could have had it looked at when we had your tongue-tie clipped at just days old (I didn’t know to look for it or suggest it). Mommy and daddy haven’t decided what to do, but nursing you hurts and I’ve had a clogged duct or three twice in the past two weeks.

B six months 4

You used to sleep through the night. Now? You are up once or twice and only go back to sleep after eating. Your sister did some baby-led weaning and purees, so we thought we’d do the same with you. Your biggest sister wanted to be the first to feed you, and mommy and daddy are all about outsourcing, so we let her do it! I think you both liked it.

Eating food

You really have a sweet demeanor and only get truly upset if nobody is keeping you company (which doesn’t happen often) or you are tired. By default, you end up having to go with the flow and can only have naps at a certain time, regardless of when you woke up.

B 6 months

We love you sweet girl. (Now, excuse me while I go put away the swing and bouncy seat you will no longer use and go cry in a corner. Who said you were allowed to grow up?)


height: 25” (23rd Percentile)

weight: 14lbs 8oz (20th Percentile)

Unplanned, unassisted home birth

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5-ish months

(Comparing is totally against the rules, but here is her youngest big sister at 6 months.)

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  1. Oh that gummy smile. I love it. I just want to squeeze her. She is such a cutie. Just like all of your beautiful girls.
    Happy 6 months!

  2. Sweet, sweet little girl! I love her smile!!!

    PS- I’d love to hear more on B’s lip tie, because in hindsight I believe that was part of my and Madeline’s struggle with breastfeeding (that and a heavy let down). I’ve told my husband hundreds of times already that we don’t leave the hospital until the doc examines our new baby’s tongue and lips.

    1. So, I did have quite a heavy let down and conquered that with reclined back to nurse or side laying, so they can let it dribble down the side.

      But, B still makes a ton of noise and loses suction.

      Having said that…the only person that caught the tongue-tie was me and my neighbor who is a lactation consultant who I asked to come and see if I was right. So, the only person I would half-way trust at the hospital to look is an LC. The doctors really have no clue. A nurse might catch it, but highly unlikely.

      The tongue-tie is way more common and the ENT snipped it at just a couple days old (they didn’t have appointments for weeks and I begged them and said I will come in whenever you want because I was bleeding and in so much pain!)

      The lip-tie was me catching it but I waited too late to get it checked…it can still be clipped, but I just don’t know if I want to do the laughing gas for her.

      If you want to get it checked, I recommend you have a pediatric ENT on call that you can take the new baby to if you think it’s an issue. And, the easiest way to see if there is an issue is to force a good latch and they pop off because it isn’t good for them. I also googled pictures of tongue-tie and lip-tie so I had a pretty good idea before.

      Yeah, I should probably blog all of this!

      1. Maddie actually has a pretty severe lip tie attaching almost from the base of her gum to her upper lip, but I never knew about lip ties until she was about 1 1/2.

        As a tiny baby (we only nursed until 2.5 months, then I exclusively pumped until 4m months until finally switched to formula), her instinctive latch was fairly weak, although I learned how to flange her lips with the lactation consultant at the hospital and then again at two subsequent visits. They told me she was getting enough and to just keep trying and stick with it. But who wants to force their baby who would initially nurse peacefully for the first minute but then pull off screaming, writhing and sweating, never successfully latching back on after each “episode.” I kept looking at my husband saying, “This isn’t right. Babies are supposed to love this…some even fall asleep while nursing! It’s not supposed to be like this.” It was too stressful, and ultimately we couldn’t get it figured out. I’ll never forget that first breast milk bottle we gave her- she was relaxed, peaceful and happy, drank the whole thing and looked up at the end like, “Yeah that’s all I wanted,” before falling asleep.

        I’m holding out hope to have a successful nursing relationship with baby #2 since I know every baby is different, but I’m nervous about it. I’ll probably be living at the LC office…

        1. Yep, that’s actually about how B’s is. She actually won’t flange her top lip despite me trying. I hate, hate, hate that the approach is “keep trying” and “wait and see”. That’s what the ped said about the tongue-tie, so I just made an appointment with the ENT without a referral (fortunately, we don’t need one). Mom’s instinct is best and I felt the same way. I knew it wasn’t right. After all, I had nursed three babies. (Looking back, I’m pretty sure the oldest had a tongue-tie!)

          B’s latch is super shallow for sure and very much favoring the bottom!

          Baby #2 will be better. You know what to look for and know what it takes to get it remedied. She cried for a second with the tongue-tie, it bled a second and then she nursed:)

  3. She is just adorable! I look at her stats and I am almost jealous! My girls both probably weighed in at 14 pounds at 3 months! I guess I just grow big babies!! (as evidenced by the fact my 3 year old is as big as a 5 year old!!!)

  4. I mean, she is ADORABLE!!! Can’t believe she is 6 months already!!!

    PS. I completely forgot that E didn’t have red hair!

  5. Our babies are growing WAY too fast! I love her sweet smiles. It can be hard to capture Baby D’s lately because he gets too focused on the camera in my face and won’t smile a bit!

  6. This post is just too precious. She has a perfect surfer pose. She could totally be a surfer when she grows up. (I’ve been obsessed with surfing lately…hence the connection) 🙂

    Happy 6 months to your baby girl. 🙂

  7. pat chance says:

    She’s growing up way to fast. Very cute pictures. Sorry to hear about the lip tie. I know you thought there were still issues after she had her tongue done.

  8. 6 months seems to fly.
    SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. I tell you this… yall make some pretty babies 😉

  9. Karen Glatt says:

    Your baby girl is so sweet, and I like her necklace that she is wearing. She is such a happy baby and her pictures are so adorable. They sure do grow up so fast!

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