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This weekend, the big three had a fun night out at the YMCA for their Parent’s Night Out (yay for an expensive night out) and The Mr. and B and I had a little dinner out. B isn’t quite old enough, so she gets some one-on-one time, which she pretty much loved! 

Ted's Montanta Grill.jpg

We were invited to Ted’s Montana Grill to come check out their menu and me specifically check out their gluten free menu. Their focus is on beef and bison and all the ways to serve it, but they also have chicken, fish and roasted turkey on Sundays! It turns out, a large portion of their gluten free menu is also dairy free (the big exception is the dessert menu and a couple things they use butter on, so I just made sure to ask!)

Ted's Montant Gluten Free Menu

We had some fresh squeezed lemonade and it was delicious. Mr. Serious had his the usual way and I had mine with berry puree and a splash of club soda to make it a little fizzy and a little less sweet. It was perfect.

The homemade chips were nice and crunchy and salty. I’m used to homemade chips being served warm and while these weren’t they were still yummy. Mr. Serious enjoyed his with their homemade ranch and B and I just had them plain.

Ted's Montant Gluten Free Potato Chips

While we were waiting for our dinner to come, B and I took a couple selfies. We didn’t have to wait very long at all.

Ted's Montant Gluten Free Potato Chips

I ordered the beef filet (medium please) from their gluten free menu (which means they don’t include a yeast roll, but I requested they swap it for one of their locally made gluten free buns) as well as the roasted asparagus and kale salad (holding the corn salsa). My dinner was amazing. I couldn’t believe how tender and delicious the steak was and the bun was so tasty. I even had Mr. Serious taste it and he thought the same. I haven’t ever had kale salad and I think I’m going to have to eat it more. Now I know what the fuss is about! I just had to request that they hold the butter on the steak that they usually put on it and I had a yummy gluten and dairy free meal.

Ted's Montanta Gluten Free Meal Beef Filet

Mr. Serious got the bison filet. Oh my yumminess. He shared a bite and it was melt in my mouth tender (I got an edge piece that didn’t appear to have butter on it)! I didn’t have his carrots because they use butter on them, but he and B shared them. He was impressed with the generous serving of vegetables as was I.

Ted's Montanta Bison Filet

B shared a little of both of our meals and devoured both types of steaks. She also enjoyed making a strange noise at the giant bison head on the wall!

B enjoys Ted's Montana Grill

B and Mr. Serious shared a chocolate milkshake for dessert and they were quite pleased. I’d love to see them add some sorbet or a fruit plate or something to their dessert menu, but I’ve become accustomed to not having desserts when we go out because of my food intolerance!

Sharing a Milkshake at Ted's Montana Grill

We have enjoyed Ted’s Montana Grill on many occasions and we were just as impressed this time. This was the first filet we had both had their and most certainly, it won’t be the last!

*Thanks to Ted’s Montana Grill for hosting us (we left our own gratuity). All thoughts are our own. We’ve been before and we will go again!

What were you up to this weekend?

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  1. pat chance says:

    I thought the name looked familiar. We have been there before with you for Lunch. I remember their food being very yummy. That Kale salad looks delicious.

  2. Yum! It’s barely 9am and now I am thinking what deliciousness that looks comparable to this I can have for lunch. B with that giant fork…just too cute! We need to have a date with Mitsy Moo before her sister is here. Looks so fun.

  3. The food looks amazing, and I LOVE the first photo of the three of you! She is so adorable!

  4. Looks yummy! Last week my husband took Friday off and we had some one-on-one with our youngest while her brother was in school. So fun and glad we can occasionally squeeze in the time because I’m sure they do appreciate it even when they are young.

  5. Sounds like a great restaurant, especially since our family has gluten and dairy sensitivities too! Too bad the closest one is a quite a while away from us, but we’ll have to check it out if we’re ever in the area.

  6. Wait…your “last” baby??? Come on! One more cute red-headed girl??? The food looks good and your pics are adorable but your “last” baby comment stopped me in my tracks. 🙂

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