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We took part of our fall break time up to the mountains. It was nice to get some cool fresh air and away from some of the noise.

We picked a VRBO on a river that had access to tubes and fishing poles, etc. But, as it turns out, it can be pretty cold at the end of September in the mountains. Some of the girls got into the water…with pants and hoodies on.

Playing in the river

The covered back deck hot tub was really nice to warm our bones. I couple mornings it was in the 50s when we woke up.

hot tub fall break mommy and me monday

With more races coming up for the girls, they still had to get their runs in. Which meant mom and dad had to get some runs in, too.

The girls jokes that lately our vacations are just different places to sleep and run. We found a state park about 30 minutes away that had a lot of hiking and walking trails. There was also a river near this one. At the end of our 40 minutes, E and I walked down to the river for a little bit.

mommy and e after a run

Mr. Serious and B took the walking approach. We were all going to meet up at a waterfall, but the path to it was very rocky and we didn’t like the footing.

daddy and b hiking

The oldest two ran together…and then we all met up at the start of the path. Which had a super steep incline that practically went on forever. I do not recommend starting your run on a hill like this. You can see it behind us go on and on and on!

family after run and hike mommy and me monday

The ladies that ran had to take a post-up picture. We look intense, no?

post-up post-run

And then a super silly picture!

cute faces post run

We then headed into Helen, Ga to get some lunch and stroll around a bit. We’ve never done an alpine roller coaster, so we thought, why not now? B wasn’t quite tall enough to go solo, so she and I went together.

This was on the way up to the tippy top!

mommy and b on alpine rollercoaster mommy and me monday

I tried to not apply the breaks the entire time because that was B’s request. I think you can tell just how fast we are going. (Yep, a picture of a picture…after what we paid to do the ride, I couldn’t stomach paying for pictures, too!)

alpine roller coaster

We spent more time lounging around our rented cabin, eating out and in and running. Mr. Serious got dibs on two runs with the oldest…mile repeats and hills. She really pushed his pace.

daddy and oldest post run

We came back in time to drive the oldest and her team to North Carolina for a race. But, the school cancelled the race, and then the race cancelled the race, so we spent some time at home.

Mr. Serious took the girls to the fair and I enjoyed the quiet.

Oh, and Saturday, there was more running (with B biking) so everybody got their run in. E and I didn’t get a picture post-run. And Mr. Serious and N got theirs at home after lunch.

daddy and n post run

The fresh mountain air was a nice break from home, but I have to admit, there’s nothing better than sleeping in my own bed!

What did you do this week?

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  1. Carol Milliron says:

    Fall break is a wonderful thing where we live! And Family vacations are the best.

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