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We went into this Spring Break with only one thing planned… our hotel. Everything else was sort of as we saw fit and it was really perfect. A vacation that was mostly unscheduled and unplanned (as far as what happened) had us pretty well rested and refreshed when we got home. 

We got on the road Monday after a good garage workout. We didn’t want to rush or hurry out the door…this might have meant I had to remind people we weren’t rushing. Our timing landed us in Helen, Georgia just in time for lunch. We found a place we could all agree on and enjoyed a nice drama-free, uncrushed lunch. Then we wandered around and took some pictures. Of course, we also went to one of the local candy stores and sampled some candies and let the girls pick out a treat each.

Spring Break 2019 Helen GA

This left us with a lot of energy and walking around some more. We remembered there was a great park/playground so we made our way over where the kids did the swings, see saws, climbed and everything in between. Goodness, you must go look at how little our oldest two were the last time we visited (2010).

Spring Break 2019 Helen GA

Before getting back in the car, we made sure to check out the Chattahoochee River. 

Spring Break 2019 Helen GA

Then it was back in the car for some fun winding mountain roads to Hiawassee / Young Harris, Georgia. (You could throw a rock into each!) 

Our hotel (Ridges Resort) had a fire (both inside and out) where we could roast s’mores every night. We started but the outdoor fire and quickly realized our southern bones weren’t going to be able to handle it. 

Hiawasee Ga fireside

We grabbed pictures and then roasted our marshmallows in the comfort of the lobby at the indoor fireplace.

Hiawasee Ga fireside

During our trip we found ourselves at Cupid Falls where the oldest wanted to make sure she got a picture of mom and dad together.

Cupid Falls

And I wanted to make sure to get a picture of all of my duckies looking for rocks with their dad.

Cupid Falls

The girls got to ride horses, of the barrel kind this time. Maybe our next trip we’ll plan out a ride on the real deal.

Barrel horses

Until then, these will have to do!

Barrel horses

We found another restaurant where everybody was happy with their dinner choices, and had a nice server offer to take a family picture with the resident lobby cowboy.

Hiawasee Ga Young Harris Ga

The one thing Mr. Serious wanted us to do was hike up Brasstown Bald which is the highest point in Georgia. After driving up more winding roads and into the park, we arrived. Then it was time to hike. My watch confirmed it was 6/10th of a mile up and back down. And when they say up, it sure feels like almost the entire path is up. It didn’t help that we had a pretty intense leg workout that morning. 

Brasstown Bald Georgia

But, we all made it to the top with smiling faces. It’s the first time we’ve hiked or walked somewhere that I didn’t even bring a carrier for B. And she didn’t complain one time. In fact, she led the way up and down!

Brasstown Bald Georgia

We really had a great time with each other. We had picnic lunches and everybody was happy with them. There wasn’t arguing over going out to eat or wishing for different foods. Our hands might have been a little numb from the cold, but we made memories. And most of those memories happened without a single bit of photographic evidence!

Next year, however, I’m voting for a warmer Spring Break destination!

What did you do this week?

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    1. Thanks for the kind words and motivation to keep doing it!

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