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We don’t have any local family. The closest we have is at least a 2 hour flight away. Or about 14 hours in the car. Because of this, there are a lot of events that are missed by grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts and uncles. (This is where they plead with us that it’s time to move “home” and where I argue that we are home. It’s never a winning battle, really!)

Sometimes, we capture a quick video that we can send in a message, but we never end up catching the best of the moments every single time. There’s alway something that we missed. And while we can send triumphant pictures like this kick at a soccer game


being there is an entire different element. Those little candid moments that might be missed? Plus, how much can you feel on your phone’s screen (or see…because we know about those reading glasses mom!)?


But, there’s a new app in town: The XFINITY’s Share app. It’s a fabulous feature of the X1 that allows a person to live stream from an event to another person’s TV or mobile device. While a mobile device is cool, it’s really cool that you can actually share to the biggest screen in a house…LIVE!

The Share App lets you stream life’s moments live from your smartphone to your TV.

This is a total game changer for families that don’t live close or maybe a relative that is ill or homebound. They can feel like they are there. Important events like birthdays and graduations or baby’s first steps can be shared with people that live far away, or even close by!

xfiity share app

When a person tries to stream to your TV, you will get an alert and you can decide if you want to join, decline or block what they are sending.

xfiity share app

Once accepted, the action is brought right into your home.

xfiity share app

Not only can you stream live videos to your TV, you can also share photos from your phone and save them in the app on your TV. Imagine reliving your beach vacation, summer trip, or baby smashing her first birthday cake on the biggest screen in your house!

xfiity share app

Whether a child’s baseball game, a graduation or just a beautiful sunset, the Share App lets users broadcast whatever they see in real time to the biggest screen in the home.


We keep trying to get the grandparents over to Stone Mountain and it never works. We’ve lived here 13 years and it still hasn’t happened. The next time we go, we can hike up, or even ride up and stream it live to their television in their living room and they can feel like they are there.

The possibilities are really endless for the Share App from XFINITY. What event do you wish you could live stream to family and friends on their big screen at home?

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  1. Pat Chance says:

    this is pretty cool. We will have to try it sometime

  2. Wow! That is pretty cool!
    It has to be difficult being away from family. But what a perfect reason to keep a blog, right? Your family has to love that.

    1. Yes, they do! About once a month my grandma emails or texts me to ask me for my blog link because she can’t find it. I’m tempted to reply “Really, are you serious?” but I don’t think that will help!

  3. Betsy Barnes says:

    Such a really cool idea! Now, if I can can convince my mom to get a smartphone, we could stream videos! 🙂

  4. very interesting will have to go check out that app thanks!~

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