The fun I would have missed


Here are some fun things that happened over the weekend. Things that I might have missed if I had been at a conference (you know….that one….BlogHer). However, Mr. Serious did say that we should make it a goal for next year! Woohoo, NYC here I come. Who’s going to help me get there?

Back to my point…what I would have missed…

Aunt Emily came for a visit. Just look at that greeting.

e and i hugging

#2 doing her army crawl and towing a car and a block bag around with her. She brought it all the way into the dining room.

n under table

#1 diving onto the kitchen table to help Aunt Emily clean it. What is it with this girl and cleaning? If you leave a spray bottle out, she will use it.

cleaning table

Aunt Emily making #2 a happy, happy baby.

happy baby with emily

#1 putting on a headband like a rock star (which totally reminds me of my very first post).

fancy headband

And, not that I could ever forget, but we have documentation of #1’s first toilet cleaning. She was seriously in there for over 15 minutes. Just scrubbing away. She loved it. And, please believe me when I say this was totally her idea.

cleaning toilet

#2’s first splits. I guess she was channeling mom’s younger dancing years with this move.


And, an adults night out. A friend came over to watch the kids, so Emily, Mr. Serious and I could go out.

adult night out

This one might be a framer!

date night

It was a great weekend, and I truly was happy to home to enjoy my family.


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  1. You better believe that's frame worthy! Do it! You all are adorable and I swear the grins on your kids could NOT have been bigger!

  2. MamabearMills says:


  3. There's a lot to be said for staying home to enjoy your family! Cute pics 🙂

  4. Looks like it was a fun weekend with Aunt Emily! Glad you guys had a good time 🙂

  5. Okay, your kids are too stinkin cute! Does Izzy want to come clean my toilets?

    And Krystyn, you look HOT! I love, love, love the necklace and your cute shirt!! A cute outfit definitely trumps Blogher in my book, although next year I would be up for NYC with you!

  6. Could you be any luckier?!! A little one that loves to clean for you?? Let's hope she doesn't grow out of this stage!

    And the picture of you and Mr. Serious is cute! Love your outfit!

  7. Great pictures. Those girls are the best. Also I want to know what Emily's secret is to that mavelous tan with freckles. I could never achieve that.

  8. Looks like a fabulous weekend! You sure would have missed alot!
    I actually was planning a trip to NYC next year! Since its the "year of the 30!" I might just have to make it during blogher! 😉
    I saw the pic on the family blog…LOVE IT! The one of you and Emily is great too!!
    So glad Aunt Em got her Sampson and Blubs fix 🙂 I know she looks forward to that!!

  9. Wonderful pics! Glad you got to share in all those memories.

  10. What a fun weekend! But next year, we're going to the conference! Watch out, NYC! 🙂

  11. Oh, actually, I LOVE all these pictures! That last one is a framer for sure and wowie, you are looking HOT lady!!

  12. too, too, too, too cute…Plus, NYC is better than Chicago any day!

  13. It looks like you had such a nice time! Man, now I miss my sister.

  14. LOVE that photo of you and Mr. Serious! Totally frame-worthy!

    I love that wall decal too, is it from the company you did the giveaway a couple months ago?

  15. I would have been a shame to miss all that fun and cuteness for sure. I missed a trip to Houston with my boys after my husband decided to take them there to visit family on Friday. It's give and take…

  16. Who needs BlogHer! I wanted to go to but maybe next year right :)! The splits and cleaning the toilet are my most favorite pictures!

  17. Really cute pictures 🙂

    I didn't go to BlogHer either. I also hope to make it to the NY one.

  18. Just found your blog, that pic of Izzy cleaning the toilet is soooo great! 🙂

  19. Definitely worth framing, love the pictures. Love your outfit and jewelry it looks great 🙂

  20. total adorableness! i mean you and emily could not be any cuter?? ou know i am jealous right?

    looks like a perfect weekend…

    but you are right, we are sooo in nyc next summer 🙂

  21. Oh what an adorable family! Hope your night out was fun!

  22. well, you look hot, you better be at BlogHer next year cause you'll fit right in to NYC.

    It looks like a fabulous weekend, one the you really shouldn't have missed for any reason 🙂

  23. I love the one of her cleaning the toilet!! You'll have to remind her of her favorite task when she gets older!!

    I love the pictures of you and Mr. Serious. You are beautiful! 🙂

  24. I love the cleaning pictures!

    Sometimes I get frustrated or upset when I don’t get out of the house for an event, getaway, etc. Instead of dwelling on what I didn’t get to do, I try to make it a special time with my kids and focus on what I DO get to do, with them. Looks like that’s what you did here too!

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