Divergent Premiere: Atlanta Welcomes Tris and Four!


What happens when Tris and Four, lead characters in the Divergent trilogy step out of the page and onto the screen? Legions of screaming fans spend hours waiting for the chance to see their portrayers Shailene Woodley and Theo James on the red carpet, that’s what.

When the Divergent premiere hit Atlanta, I was one of those fans. I can neither confirm nor deny that there was screaming.

Cassie from Atlanta’s Q100 was on hand to emcee the Divergent premier at Regal Cinemas in Atlantic Station on Monday night. She conducted a few rounds of Divergent trivia and tossed out t-shirts to fans. (I did not get a t-shirt. SAD!)

Q 100

But t-shirts weren’t really the reason we were all huddled together behind barricades on Monday evening. Many people who gathered didn’t even have tickets for the movie. They were there strictly to catch a glimpse of Theo and Shailene. (Theo’s pretty hot and super sweet, so I can’t really blame them…)


Before the main event, other Atlanta-based celebrities walked the red carpet. Chef Alton Brown’s daughter is a Divergent fan, so he brought her out to see the premiere.


Meyrick Murphy who played Meghan on The Walking Dead looked positively adorable.


Then the screams became rather deafening. My ears might actually still be ringing. THEO JAMES!!!!


It was COMPLETELY NUTS. Pandemonium! Theo was really only visible if you were on the front row of the Divergent premiere red carpet barricades, but that didn’t stop us all from taking pictures, or trying to.

Theo was amazing with the fans. He gladly signed books and posters and chatted with #FourTris fans. At one point he stopped to chat with two 8-year-old girls and the mom in me might have swooned just a little bit at how sweet it was.

And also because HE WAS RIGHT THERE OMG!

IMG_4697wm While he was signing autographs and chatting with fans, co-star Shailene Woodley was looking lovely in head-to-toe Alexander McQueen.


When the two posed together for photos, the screams got even louder than I thought possible.


Divergent fans really, REALLY love Tris and Four. No, really.

After Theo and Shailene answered a few questions for Cassie–and Theo James BEATBOXED for the crowd–it was time for the actual Divergent premiere.

I’ll say this about the movie: Get your friends together and buy your Divergent tickets now. This is going to be huge. You’re going to want to see this film.

After the Divergent premiere, several of us were able to sit down and chat with Theo and Shailene. These two really seem to get along and love what they’re doing, and after watching the film it’s interesting to see the way their real-life personalities inform their characters.

For starters, Shailene and Theo are witty, and their real-life banter adds to their on-screen chemistry, which is smoking hot, by the way. They both have enormous respect for their craft and co-stars, like Kate Winslet whom they both describe as a “consummate professional.”

What do they do in their free time? Shailene Woodley likes to study and practice survivalism and drink wine. She’s prepping for motherhood and she doesn’t even know it, since one of my personal survivalist strategies is drinking wine.

Theo’s beverage of choice is beer. Beer is good. Next time you’re in town, we’ll hit up Sweetwater Brewery, Theo!

They spent time before filming Divergent training in the art of hand-to-hand combat for their fight sequences and both seemed to enjoy doing as many of their own stunts as they could, which adds to the realism in the futuristic fantasy film.

Divergent hits theaters nationwide, on standard and IMAX screens, on March 21. Don’t miss it.

c369d50edbb611e2af9022000a1f9a23_7 Miranda Wicker is a freelance writer, wife, and mom to two. She loves wine, coffee, and words and spends her days dishing up celebrity gossip as the Managing Editor of Jossip. In the evenings, when she isn’t too exhausted from all the daily juggling, she writes about life and motherhood at Finding Walden. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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  1. I’ve never even heard of Divergent, but now I’m going to have to go and see it. Why? Because Theo James. Great post! Looks like you had a blast!

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