A magic trick-PSF

“I’d like to show you the most recent trick I’ve learned. First, look at the cards. They are ordinary cards…and look at this face. It’s such an honest face. I could never lie to you.”
“First, I’m going to carefully inspect the cards and make sure they are up to my standards. This is best done after I roll onto my back.”
“Okay, these cards seem to pass my rigorous tests.”
“Are you ready? I’m going to need for you to pick a card. Any card…but don’t show it to me.”

“Do you have your card? Good. Hand it to me to add back to the deck.”

“Now, think about your card. Think about it nice and hard. Don’t get distracted by my cute, adorable face.”

“Can you see your card? Are you visualizing it in your head?”

Nodding yes.

“I think I’ve got it. Is this your card?”
“See, I told you I’m good.”

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

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  1. Take her on the road — she’ll make you a fortune!

  2. LOL! I love it! And the matching paci? TOO CUTE! I wish we could get her and Cupcake together. They’d be the cutest kids around!

  3. Lol!!! Wow not even a year old & already a magician!! She is one smart cookie, and a really cute one too! 🙂

  4. Awwww, that was so creative. And the baby was pretty darn cute too 😉
    I miss the binky days.

  5. haha…that’s awesome…what a smarty-pants! 😉

    (btw…I’m getting an “internet explorer cannot open/operation aborted error message sometimes when I open your blog and then it will totally cancel your blog and won’t open it at all – it has been happening to mine too and is SOOO frusterating. I think I finally figured out the problem though by going through all my gadgets/widgets and seeing if anything had changed…and for some reason one of them was all spaced out wierd and once I changed that my blog was working again…at least so far!)

  6. I remember those days when just being able to pinch those chubby little fingers together and pick something up was something to cheer!

    She is a cutie pie!

  7. Ok…never mind, my blog isn’t fixed like I said it was…GRRR! Oh, and the error only happens in IE…weird.)

  8. Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander says:

    Wow!! Adorable and entertaining! She’s beautiful!

  9. Too cute! Her red hair is really adorable! And her nuk (paci) matches her outfit!

  10. She had me with the cheeks! I didn’t even need the trick:)

  11. That is too funny! I was totally distracted by that adorable face though…those cheeks are beggin’ to be kissed!

  12. She is so cute, she could totally do that for a living when she is older 🙂

  13. Clever little magic story. =)

  14. Adorable. I love it when they concentrate sooooooooo hard on something!

  15. She is soooo cute! I just want to squeeze her! Have a Happy 3 Day Weekend!

  16. Seriously, everytime I see her she looks different and still oh so cute!!

    Love, Mere

  17. Cleaver mommy and precious girl. I love this post. What fun. You and N bring smiles to my face.

    I am sending love, Lura

    ps How did N know that was my card???

  18. so very close…. 🙂 love this…

  19. Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy says:

    such a gorgeous little baby. She reminds me of my little redhead when she was tiny.

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