New Beech-Nut Varieties: Real food for babies



Feeding my daughters is at the top of the list of important things I do for them. Good food helps keep them healthy and their bodies growing. When our girls were younger and we were feeding them purees, we turned to Beech-Nut. In fact, we still use the purees in our frozen pops, green smoothies and green smoothie pops.

We use Beech-Nut because they provide unique and nutritious options for mom and baby. The company is participating in the Non-GMO Project and there are so many natural and organic flavors to choose from. In fact, they have a variety of unique flavors (just apple, raspberry & avocado, for example), textures and colors that help baby’s eating development and exploratory relationship with food.

Because Beech-Nut knows how important it is to make sure your little ones are getting the right foods as they start to eat solid foods and continue to grow, the company wants to make sure that the food is on par with moms’ and dads’ palates as well as baby’s. By exposing little ones to new flavors and tastes at a young age, they will continue to explore new flavors and tastes well beyond their baby years.

Beech-Nut is serving up some of your own tropical and exotic favorites in a baby-friendly format – no food processor involved. Their new spring line features blends such as stage 3 mango, curry, chicken & rice and corn & potato chowder.

I really like that these jars are full of vibrant, rich flavors that actually look the color of the foods that are in them. Not only do they sound pretty good to you, but they also allow baby to explore new tastes and unique spices, colors and aromas.

The new, exciting options from Beech-Nut include:

  • Naturals™ stage 1 prunes
  • Naturals™ stage 2 just mango
  • Naturals™ stage 2 bananas
  • Organics™ stage 2 bananas
  • Organics™ stage 2 just mango
  • Organics™ stage 3 mango, chicken, curry & rice
  • Organics™ stage 3 macaroni rings & meat sauce
  • Organics™ stage 3 corn & potato chowder

But, how do they taste?

Now, the tasting part. Y’all, they taste exactly like what they are. Nothing ambiguous and no guessing game. Bananas taste just like bananas. Mango? Just like mango. No surprise that the prunes taste just like prunes and the corn and potato chowder….yep, chowder.

Tasting Beech-nut new flavors

These flavors will play a key role in smoothies and pops here (one of my girls also likes to take jars of Beech-Nut to school in her lunchbox…no names). I also make sure I’m stocked for friends’ babies and my niece.

Beech-Nut organic just mango

Beech-Nut is dedicated to infant nutrition and helping moms and dads make the best choices for their families. They understand the need for babies to develop a palate for unique tastes,textures and colors early on to set the path for healthier choices later in life. With the new fruit and meal varieties, parents can ensure their baby is getting the nutritional benefits of a well-balanced diet made with organic fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins.

Tasting Beech-nut new flavors

You can find Beech-Nut in your local stores. Check the store locator to find which stores carry Beech-Nut near you.

Which flavor do you think you or your little one will like best?

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  1. pat chance says:

    This is a lot better then the baby food we used to have to purchase. Can you believe they used to add sugar to baby fruit?????? totally unnecessary.

    1. I know! And, I have no idea why! It’s totally unnecessary and made it candy. Although, maybe this is the reason for my sweet tooth!

  2. Scarlett LOVES the mango flavor. The chowder she kind of balked at, but I think that was because it was the thickest thing she’s had yet!

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