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Considering we spend about one-third of our lives in our beds, it’s important to have one that is comfortable and we enjoy! And maybe equally important that it’s one that we don’t want to get out of every morning. That might be where I am right now. It could also be that I’m not getting the right amount of sleep each day! We’ve had our provided DreamCloud Mattress set up for a few days now, so I’m just going to go over the mattress, setup and a little of our thoughts so far. [see below for more updates]

Dreamcloud mattress unboxing

About DreamCloud Mattress

When DreamCloud reached out and offered to send us a mattress to try out, I checked out their website and knew I wanted to give it a whirl. It is a luxury 15” hybrid mattress, meaning it’s a combination of latex, memory foam, hand-crafted Cashmere turfing and coil technology. It’s meant to be the best of both worlds with it’s 8-layer system. So much so that they are calling it “the Dreamiest Sleep Ever”…like sleeping on a cloud (although, I’m not really sure of exactly what that feels like)!

DreamCloud 8 Layer System

DreamCloud wanted to create a mattress that supports any kind of sleeper but at a price people could afford. The 8-layer system is made of premium hypoallergenic foams and coils and ships straight to your door so there’s no need to figure out which friend’s truck you can borrow!

DreamCloud Benefits and Features

  • 365 Night Trial
  • Free Shipping and Free Returns (no questions asked)
  • Everlong Warranty
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Plush Eurotop
  • Reinforced Sidewalls
  • Artisanal Tufting

Getting DreamCloud ready for “unboxing”

Hopefully, you are lucky to catch your delivery driver and have them put your mattress in your garage. It’s pretty heavy (with the king weighing in at 109 pounds), so I was happy that my driver was willing to get it into the house for me. When it ships it has an outer bag over this one. We knew there were handles on the inner bag, so we cut the outer bag off before moving the mattress around.

Once inside the house, we still had to do a little maneuvering and heavy lifting to get the mattress upstairs. I would definitely recommend having a friend or two available to help lift and set it up.

dreamcloud mattress up the stairs

And, you might need to let your cuties take a little ride on the compressed and rolled mattress before you get it into your room. (This is a good time to catch your breath after getting it upstairs). I say this now…it’s worth it!! It’s heavy, but worth getting it in and set up.

kids playing on dreamcloud mattress

Unboxing the DreamCloud Mattress

We even took a break and filmed a video unboxing the DreamCloud mattress so you can see how quickly it fills out. I sped the video up, but it’s about 3 minutes moving at our slow pace.

DreamCloud Set up

Once it was in the room, there wasn’t much more to it. We got it up on our box springs/foundation (but any foundation will likely work). Next we had to unzip it from the inner bag. Once that started, little bits of air got in and it started to expand. Then we needed to cut into the bag to unroll it the rest of the way, and cut the plastic off, the mattress quickly expanded.

It was fun to hear the coils expand inside the mattress as the mattress itself was expanding.

Check out the video to see it in action.

Less than 5 minutes later, the mattress appeared fully expanded and ready for some sleepers.

Initial Thoughts

I have a very sensitive nose and we’ve had a couple compressed mattresses. This was the first one that I didn’t notice any smell on during expanding or after.

The cashmere on the top is super soft and the entire mattress is incredibly plush and soft, but not too soft. Mr. Serious does NOT like soft mattresses, so it’s a challenge to find one that we both like.

DreamCloud Mattress

When I first jumped on the bed, I said it did feel very cloud-like. It’s way thicker and taller than any mattress we’ve had. But, it also feels more supportive and contouring to our bodies.

So far, we are very happy with our DreamCloud mattress. Of course, the kids think they need to climb into the bed when they wake up in the morning because they think it’s so fun and new. And this one has asked to have her own mattress just like ours!

DreamCloud Mattress

After a Month

We’ve really been enjoying our sleep. We are both side/tummy sleepers (falling asleep) and often end up on our backs. It’s comfortable in all positions for us creating great support. It really does feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

Also, it doesn’t sleep hot or feel hot. During the winter, I often find myself snuggling under the covers to stay nice and warm.

We don’t have any “dents” or “indentations” where we sleep, or “hills” where we don’t sleep.

Sheets that fit Dreamcloud

We’ve had to buy a couple different sheet sets to fit the 15″ thick Dreamcloud mattress. If the sheets are too small, you wake up with sheets popping the corners. We’ve had the best luck with the mellanni brushed microfiber sheets. They will actually work for a 16″ mattress, so there is room to spare in the deep pockets. They are super soft and wash very well!

sheets that fit dreamcloud mattress

Completing your room

We had some very mismatched curtains for a while. I finally got tired of looking at them, and removed them. But living on a corner, when cars drive by the street, their lights actually come in our windows, so we needed something. The mellanni thermal blackout curtains did a great job. They matched everything from our bedding to our sheets and they keep the car and sunlight out of our room.

Buy DreamCloud

If you are considering a DreamCloud, check them out now while they are offering $200 off all mattress sizes. You get a full 365 days to test it out with free shipping and free returns making it a risk-free trial!


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  1. Grandma Pat says:

    I got the chance to sleep on it. it really is as nice and they say. Extremely comfortable and not too soft.

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